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January 2020 leaflet: This is our campaign leaflet on the Gender Recognition Reform Bill consultation which is running until 17 March 2020. Please email us at info@forwomen.scot if you would like some leaflets posted to you (free of charge).

* The poll referred to in the leaflet is here.

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May 2019 leaflet:

* the 82% figure was taken from a poll conducted by Pink News as reported here.

Fair Play for Women have produced a factsheet on the Equality Act and more detailed guidance. The article on what self-id means for women is also worth a read.

PDFs of leaflet to download: Leaflet-front, Leaflet-back

August 2018 leaflet:

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Notes on the points made on the leaflet:

1. If any man can choose to legally become a woman then the category ‘women’ will contain both biological males and females.  It will become impossible to uphold the single-sex provisions under the Equality Act and all single-sex services and spaces will become mixed-sex.  This will compromise women’s and girls’ rights, privacy, dignity and safety.

See the current case of a woman in a Canadian refuge who is expected to share a bedroom with a man who identifies as a woman (but presents as male).  Kristi Hanna has been diagnosed with PTSD after sexual abuse, and is terrified.  When she sought help from the Human Rights Legal Support Centre she was told that no help would be forthcoming as she had referred to her roommate as a ‘man’ and, as such, it was Hanna who was breaching discrimination laws.  Canada has legislation on the self-declaration of sex which is very similar to that proposed in Scotland.

2. See this blog post for a clear description of the censorship and threats to women who wish to discuss this proposed law change.  Also terfisaslur.com, this collection of tweets, and peaktrans.org, the website of Maria MacLachlan, who was assaulted when trying to attend a public meeting.

3. Good outline of the situation in this article in The Times.  Many parents are speaking out on Twitter and dedicated forums about their experiences.  Edinburgh City Council has even suggested using the Named Person to bypass parents knowledge or consent to start young children on puberty blockers and opposite sex hormones, see the article in The Herald.

Many media reports can be found, for example:

4. Written evidence submitted to the Women and Equalities Committee at Westminster by the transgender group Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES):

“about 1% of the UK population, some 650,000 people, are likely to be gender incongruent to some degree. So far, only about 30,000 have sought medical help for gender dysphoria. Dutch research indicates that around a fifth of the 650,000 will do so, amounting to a further 100,000 people.”

5. See many of Magdalen Berns videos, especially this one.  Also the statement from Get the L Out about their recent protest at London Pride, terfisaslur.com and this collection of Tweets.