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GB News, 20 October 2021, Susan Smith “We need to talk about Stonewall”

GB News, 19 September 2021, Marion Calder talking about women’s rights in Scotland

RT News, 14 August 2021, Marion Calder talking about the Governments new school guidance for transgender pupils

Talk Radio, 12 June 2021, Susan Smith talking about the petition to accurately record the sex of people charged or convicted of rape or attempted rape

Radio Clyde, 02 May 2021, Marion Calder asking Anas Sarwar about women’s rights

Radio Clyde, 25 April 2021, Marion Calder asking Patrick Harvie about women’s rights

Radio Scotland, 08 April 2021, Marion Calder asking Douglas Ross about women’s rights

Talk Radio, 03 July 2020

Scotland Tonight, STV, 20 February 2020

Scotland Tonight, STV, 24 May 2019

Scotland Tonight, STV, 04 March 2019 (audio only)

Webinars and Podcasts

The Mess We’re In Ep. #72: The Crisis at Edinburgh Rape Crisis – Susan Smith (from 27:30 mins), 11 August 2021

Make More Noise: Wombs With a View – Susan Smith, 22 April 2021

ALBA Women’s Discussion Forum – Susan Smith, 19 April 2021

Woman’s Human Rights Campaign: Judicial Review on the redefinition of women in the Gender Representation on Public Boards Act – Shereen Benjamin, 02 January 2021

Scottish Prism talks to Marion Calder, FWS, 06 November 2020

Free to Disagree: Discussion on the Hate Crime Bill – Susan Smith, 10 September 2020

Woman’s Human Rights Campaign: GRA Reform in Scotland – Marion Calder, 24 August 2020


Daily Express, 30 November 2021, “Nicola Sturgeon snubs women’s rights activists as they abandon the SNP over gender policies”

Daily Mail, 27 November 2021, “Front line of the gender wars”

The Herald, 26 November 2021, “Start of SNP conference hit by row over transgender rights”

The Times, 26 November 2021, “Schoolgirls rejecting mixed toilets over boys’ bad behaviour”

The Times, 24 November 2021, “JK Rowling hails For Women Scotland in trans row”

The Times, 21 November 2021, “Fears for Scots civil service ‘captured’ by Stonewall”

The Telegraph, 12 November 2021, “Tampons in men’s lavatories in case they are needed by transgender civil servants”

The Times, 07 November 2021, “Legal threat to trans-inclusive census”

The Herald, 06 November 2021, “Trans row ministers to explain why equality law was ignored in changing ‘woman’ definition”

The Herald, 04 November 2021, “Ministers defend claims they acted unlawfully by changing the definition of ‘woman'”

The Herald, 03 November 2021, “Scots ministers accused of unlawfully changing the definition of ‘women’ in court challenge”

Scottish Daily Mail, 27 October 2021, “BBC weather presenter: I’m being terrorised by yobs”

The Herald, 26 Oct 2021, “Scottish trade union leaders condemned after vote on women-only services”

The Times, 24 October 2021, “SNP delays ‘draconian’ hate crime legislation”

Express, 19 October 2021, “Scottish civil service deletes the word ‘MOTHER’ from maternity leave policy”

The Herald, 11 October 2021, “SNP ministers criticised for urging ‘anyone with a cervix’ to get a smear test”

The Times, 21 September 2021, “Scottish doctors approved breast removal for 51 trans teenagers”

The Telegraph, 20 September 2021, “Let 12-year-olds change gender without parental consent, Scottish government told”

Daily Mail, 20 September 2021, “Fears Nicola Sturgeon’s plan to let 16-year-olds legally change their genders will ‘open the floodgates’ to children having irreversible surgery”

The Telegraph, 19 September 2021, “Allowing 16-year-olds to change gender risks ‘opening floodgates’ to irreversible surgeries, SNP told”

The Times, 12 September 2021, “SNP out of step on trans law, says poll”

The Herald, 09 September 2021, “Nicola Sturgeon branded ‘disgrace’ after heckling MSP over gender reforms”

The Herald, 07 September 2021, “Nicola Sturgeon tries to calm fears over gender recognition reforms”

The Times, 25 August 2021, “Tiger Who Came to Tea ‘teaches boys violence and sexism for life’”

The Telegraph, 23 August 2021, “Nicola Sturgeon facing backlash over proposed gender legislation”

The Times, 23 August 2021, “Activist charged with transphobia kicked out of pub by bartender”

The Times, 22 August 2021, “Scottish government to legalise gender self-identification”

The Times, 15 August 2021, “Ditch the gender books for four-year-olds, say women’s group”

The Critic, 13 August 2021, “Total Dummies” by Susan Smith, FWS

The Times, 13 August 2021, “Rape Crisis chief Mridul Wadhwa steps back from ‘bigot’ comments”

Daily Mail, 12 August 2021, “Scotland will let pupils change gender aged FOUR without their parents’ consent under guidance for teachers that says ‘recognition and development of gender identity can occur at a young age’”

The Telegraph, 12 August 2021, “Scottish four-year-olds can change gender at school without parents’ consent”

The Times, 12 August 2021, “Mridul Wadhwa, rape crisis boss, under fire over challenge to ‘bigot’ victims”

The Times, 11 August 2021, “‘Bigoted people may be challenged’: Comments by trans head of Edinburgh Rape Crisis sparks controversy”

Daily Mail, 27 July 2021, “Scottish government wants its 8,000 civil servants to add pronouns to their email sign offs despite nearly 60 per cent saying they are against the move”

The Telegraph, 27 July 2021, “Civil servants to be asked to include pronouns in email sign-offs”

The Times, 21 July 2021, “Show of support for Marion Millar’s trans tweeting case”

The Herald, 20 July 2021, “JK Rowling praises SNP MP Joanna Cherry QC for ‘incredible bravery’ on women’s rights”

Advert in the Times, 19 July 2021:

The Sun, 15 July 2021, “Over half of Scottish Government workers snub push to use gender pronouns in emails”

Holyrood, 14 July 2021, “Majority of Scottish Government civil servants say they’ll never add pronouns to their email signatures”

Scottish Daily Mail, 12 July 2021 “1,000 children referred to sex change clinic”

The Times, 10 July 2021, “Feminists’ legal appeal against trans women being called women”

John O’Groat Journal, 01 July 2021, “Drawing a line in the sand at Reiss beach for women’s rights”

Fife Today, 21 June 2021, “Councillor defends police over action on ‘controversial’ ‘Women Won’t Wheesht’ stickers”

The Times, 13 June 2021, “Health service ‘acting like Stasi’ with Pride pledge”

The Times, 13 June 2021, “Free prosthetic breasts offered to trans students”

The Scottish Sun, 10 June 2021, “‘Anarchy’ diner cafe in Glasgow’s Govanhill sparks fury by banning cops and ‘terfs’”

The Scotsman, 03 June 2021, “Woman charged with malicious communication over ‘transphobic’ tweet”

The Times, 03 June 2021, “Activist Marion Millar charged with sending homophobic and transphobic tweets”

The Courier, 23 May 2021, “Fife police  people to report ‘hate crime’ stickers – then say they are not illegal”

The Times, 23 May 2021, “Warnings that organisations’ policy could breach laws on trans rights”

The Times, 09 May 2021, Letter: “Stonewall does not make the law”

The Spectator, 08 May 2021, “Will a more female Holyrood make a difference to women’s lives?”

The Scotsman, 22 April 2021, “Scottish Election 2021: Labour pledges to reinstate women-only hospital wards”

The Times, 22 April 2021, “Fear of the unknown is at heart of row over gender identity, suggests Alan Cumming”

Wings Over Scotland, 16 April 2021, “Women Won’t Wheesht”

The Times, 04 April 2021, “NHS advisor to review hormone use on young”

The Times, 28 March 2021, “Health board ‘misled young patients’ over puberty drug”

The Times, 24 March 2021, “Definition of woman will include trans people to increase equality”

The Scotsman, 23 March 2021, Judge rules Scottish Government acted legally on public boards equality act

The Scotsman, 19 March 2021, “Baroness Kennedy urged to have sex aggravator added to Hate Crime Bill ‘urgently'”

The Scotsman, 10 March 2021, “Eleventh-hour bid to stop controversial Hate Crime Bill”

Daily Record, 10 March 2021, “Hate crime law changes – a tool to persecute women or create respect for all?”

Advert in the Herald, 09 March 2021:

The Scotsman, 07 March 2021, “Women’s manifesto aims to put pressure on Scottish parties to ‘reaffirm sex-based rights'”

The Times, 28 February 2021, “Women’s rights group For Women Scotland pans mixed-sex lavatory policy”

National Review, 03 February 2021, “Scotland’s Government slashes away at liberty”

The Scotsman, 15 January 2021, “Edinburgh University article on transphobia sparks protest by women’s rights group”

The Scotsman, 07 January 2021, “Scottish Government can ‘ride roughshod’ over equalities law in row over definition of women in new Act”

The Times, 03 January 2021, “Scottish Youth Parliament backs gender move”

The Times, 28 December 2020, “NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde withdraws trans advice for female-only wards”

The Critic, 14 December 2020, “Women in Scotland risk having their right virtue-signalled away”

The Times, 13 December 2020, “Scots gender clinic sorry for delay in highlighting dangers of puberty blockers”

Daily Record, 06 December 2020, “Campaigners in plea for ban on Scots kids being given puberty blockers after landmark ruling”

The Scotsman, 25 November 2020, “Cross-dressers at Rocky Horror Picture Show protected by Hate Crime Bill”

Holyrood, 24 November 2020, “Top barrister to lead working group on misogynistic harassment”

The Times, 24 November 2020, “Hate crime bill: saying trans women aren’t women could break the law”

Spiked, 19 November 2020, “Beware trans ideas in sheep’s clothing”

The Herald, 07 November 2020, “Agenda: New bill must not conflate sex and gender” by Trina Budge, FWS

The National, 27 October 2020, “It is reckless to say that puberty-blocking drugs are safe and reversible”
(Letter in response to “The election of a trans woman for the SNP would be a huge victory”)

The Times, 22 October 2020, “Anger over trans woman on all-female SNP shortlist”

Scottish Legal News, 21 October 2020, “Permission granted for judicial review of act’s definition of ‘woman'”

The Spectator, 17 October 2020, “The SNP, trans rights and the war on women”

Scottish Daily Mail, 17 October 2020, “Gender Showdown”

The Scotsman, 16 October 2020, “Campaigners win judicial review over Scottish definition of ‘woman'”

The Scotsman, 16 October 2020, “Definition of a woman: Why feminist group For Women Scotland is asking Court of Session to intervene in row over gender recognition”

The National, 16 October 2020, “Scottish Government faces legal fight over ‘definition of woman'”

Sunday Mail, 06 September 2020, “Our women are living in fear of trans attacks”

Daily Record, 06 September 2020, “Women’s rights campaigners ‘living in fear of trans attack’ after vile abuse directed at group”

The Times, 30 August 2020, “Campaigners rage at Scottish Government plans to change ‘woman’ definition”

The Spectator, 28 August 2020, “The legal battle over how Scots define ‘woman'”

The Scotsman, 16 August 2020, “Jeane Freeman urged to intervene on NHS trans policies”

The Times, 15 August 2020, “School lavatory gender rules still in force after ministers rejected them”

The Times, 01 August 2020, “For Women Scotland: Feminists’ legal fight over gender rules”

The Spectator, 31 July 2020, “Is Scotland changing the law on gender by stealth?”

The Scotsman, 31 July 2020, “Feminism is not ‘right-wing’ and the word ‘woman’ is not discriminatory”

The Daily Mail, 29 July 2020, “Devil is in the Detail”

National Review, 12 June 2020, “J.K. Rowling vs. Woke Supremacy”

The National, 08 March 2020, “Women and Democracy: Scottish Parliament theme for IWD”

The National, 07 March 2020, “Campaigners opposed to GRA reform to protest Holyrood event”

Adverts in The Scotsman and the Metro, 06 March 2020

The Spectator, 29 February 2020, “Are women’s libraries still a safe space for women?”

Unherd, 22 January 2020, “Scotland’s Gender Recognition Act is a hostage to fortune”

The Herald, 17 January 2020, Advertisement:

The Christian Institute, 16 January 2020, “Trans research ‘insulting to breast cancer survivors’, says MSP”

rt.com, 06 January 2020, “UK High Court to rule if clinic can carry out gender reassignment on children as concerns over methods mount”

The Times, 28 December 2019, “Sharp rise in child cases at gender clinic”

The Times, 18 December 2019, “‘No evidence’ that men are using trans identity for sexual violence”

The Guardian, 17 December 2019, “Trans reforms will not diminish cis women’s rights, says Holyrood”

Daily Mail, 17 December 2019, “Scotland mulls law to end ‘nightmare’ rules for changing gender”

The Times, 06 December 2019, “SNP members ‘victims of LGBT campaign'”

The Herald, 30 September 2019, “Let us have a measured debate on the issue of transgender rights”
(Letter in response to “We must fight against the rolling back of trans rights”)

The Times, 27 September 2019, “Women’s services starved by trans funding, activists claim”

The National, 26 September, 2019, “Data experts ‘left out’ of discussions on GRA census questions”

The Scotsman, 03 September 2019, “Campaigners prepare for three-day protest over ‘major threat’ to trans rights”

The Scotsman, 01 September 2019, “Mixed sex loos in Scottish schools break regulations, warn campaigners”

The Scotsman, 11 August 2019, “Row over ‘woman’ hits boardroom equality bid”

Evening Times, 05 August 2019, “Tramway slammed as controversial toilets changed for religious event”

The Herald, 31 July 2019. Our letter in response to this article.

The Herald, 29 July 2019, “If any man can identify as a woman, women’s rights won’t really mean anything”:

Evening Times, 15 July 2019, “Tramway’s unisex loos at centre of row as police called”

The Scotsman, 23 June 2019, “Patrick Harvie accused of smear over claim parliament was ‘platform for transphobic hatred'”

The Telegraph, 20 June 2019, “SNP delay plans to allow Scots to self-identify gender amid party rebellion”

The Herald, 09 June 2019, “Abuse goes both ways”
(Letter in response to “Trans Scots suffering abuse in wake of GRA debate”)

The Scotsman, 08 June 2019, “Women in Scotland join forces to defend ‘threatened’ rights”

The Times, 02 June 2019, “Trans ideology is damaging children”

The Scotsman, 19 May 2019, “Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy ‘won’t be silenced’ in Scotland”

The Scotsman, 09 May 2019. Letter in response to Vic Valentine’s opinion piece:

The Times, 04 May 2019, “‘Transphobic’ blogger Meghan Murphy invited to Holyrood”

Evening Telegraph, 21 March 2019, “Dundee Trans Pride headliner dropped after alleged threat to ‘throat punch’ women’s group”

The Times, 21 March 2019, “Transgender singer cancels gig after calling for feminists to be punched”

The Times, 14 March 2019, “Letting criminals self-identify gender ‘putting women at risk'”

The Times, 25 February 2019, “Feminist festival targeted for ‘banning trans women'”

National Review, 07 February 2019, “This Week at the U.N.: Feminist Concern about Transgenderism is ‘Misplaced'”

The Times, 07 February 2019, “‘Non-binary’ sex option will not appear on the next census

The Times, 06 February 2019, “Top civil servant’s tweet leads to accusations of pro-trans bias”

Christian Today, 03 February 2019, “Scottish Government’s trans policy ignores impact on women and girls, say academics and activists”

The Guardian, 01 February 2019, “Scottish feminist group says transgender laws risk women’s rights”

The Herald, 30 January 2019, “Trans guidance for Scottish schools breaches 11 children’s rights, campaigners warn”

The Times, 26 January 2019, “Trans activists demand female rector quit Labour equalities post” (plus archived copy)

The National, 24 January 2019.  In response to Tim Hopkins, Equality Network’s letter. Original article by Shona Craven is here.

The Times, 24 January 2019, “Principal backs transgender students over ‘hurtful’ stickers” (plus archived copy)

The Herald, 19 January 2019, “Trans rights backlash: the Scottish-Canadian Connection”

Scottish Daily Mail, 20 December 2018, “Health staff told to call patients ‘they'”

The Times, 19 December 2018, “Don’t assume people’s gender, NHS staff told”

The Times, 04 December 2018, “Feminists fight against gender choice in census”

The Sunday Times, 11 October 2018, (plus pdf copy):

The Herald on Sunday, 28 October 2018 (in response to Iain Macwhirter’s article):

Christian Post, 06 August 2018, “Scotland Schools to Instruct 5-Year-Olds: Your Gender is ‘What You Decide’ It to Be”

Metro, 05 July 2018, “Woman Beds Down as a Man in Hostel to Expose Sex Risks”

Inverness Courier, 26 June 2018, “Woman Identified as Man to get into Hostel Dorm”

Press and Journal, 22 June 2018, “Woman gets Key to Highland Hostel Dorm after Self-Identifying as a Man”