Scotland Tonight, STV, 24 May 2019

Scotland Tonight, STV, 04 March 2019 (audio only)


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(Letter in response to “We must fight against the rolling back of trans rights”)

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The Scotsman, 01 September 2019, “Mixed sex loos in Scottish schools break regulations, warn campaigners”

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The Herald, 31 July 2019. Our letter in response to this article.

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(Letter in response to “Trans Scots suffering abuse in wake of GRA debate”)

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The Scotsman, 19 May 2019, “Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy ‘won’t be silenced’ in Scotland”

The Scotsman, 09 May 2019. Letter in response to Vic Valentine’s opinion piece:

The Times, 04 May 2019, “‘Transphobic’ blogger Meghan Murphy invited to Holyrood”

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