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GB News, 02 June 2024, Susan Smith discussing our report on schools

Talk TV, 29 May 2024, Susan Smith discussing our report on schools

Talk TV, 10 May 2024, Susan Smith discussing John Swinney and the possible end of the Gender Recognition Reform Bill

GB News, 07 May 2024, Susan Smith discussing the Cass Review

GB News, 18 April 2024, Susan Smith discussing LGBT Youth Scotland’s charter awards in primary schools

GB News, 12 April 2024, Susan Smith discussing the Hate Crime Act

BBC Radio Scotland, 03 April 2024, Susan Smith discussing JK Rowling and the Hate Crime Act

Times Radio, 03 April 2024 Susan Smith discussing JK Rowling and the Hate Crime Act

BBC Newscast, 02 April 2024, Susan Smith discussing JK Rowling and the Hate Crime Act

Fox News, 02 April 2024, Susan Smith discussing Scotland’s Hate Crime Act

LBC Radio, 02 April 2024, Susan Smith discussing the Hate Crime Act

BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour, 02 April 2024, Susan Smith discussing the Hate Crime Act

BBC News, 01 April 2024, Susan Smith discussing the Hate Crime Act

STV News, 01 April 2024, Susan Smith discussing the Hate Crime Act

BBC Radio 4, 01 April 2024, Susan Smith discussing JK Rowling and the Hate Crime Act

GB News, 01 April 2024, Susan Smith discussing JK Rowling and the Hate Crime Act

Go Radio, 01 April 2024, Susan Smith discussing the Hate Crime Act

BBC Radio Scotland, 01 April 2024, Susan Smith discussing the Hare Crime Act

BBC Radio Scotland, 30 March 2024, Susan Smith discussing the imminent Hate Crime Act

Sky News, 27 March 2024, Susan Smith discussing the imminent Hate Crime Act

Talk TV, 27 March 2024, Susan Smith discussing the imminent Hate Crime Act

BBC Radio 4 AntiSocial, 22 March 2024, Susan Smith discussing the imminent Hate Crime Act

STV News, 12 February 2024, Susan Smith discussing the new rector of Edinburgh University

STV News, 20 December 2023, Susan Smith discussing the Scottish Government’s statement in Parliament that they will not be appealing the court’s ruling on the Section 35 order

BBC Reporting Scotland, 20 December 2023, Susan Smith discussing the Scottish Government’s statement in Parliament that they will not be appealing the court’s ruling on the Section 35 order

Talk TV, 09 December 2023, Susan Smith discussing the court ruling on the section 35 order Gender Recognition Reform Bill and the new policy for trans prisoners

BBC Reporting Scotland, 08 December 2023, Susan Smith discussing the court ruling on the section 35 order Gender Recognition Reform Bill

STV News, 08 December 2023, Susan Smith discussing the court ruling on the section 35 order Gender Recognition Reform Bill

STV News, 05 December 2023, Susan Smith discussing the new prison trans policy

BBC Reporting Scotland on the new prison trans policy, 05Dec2023, Rhona Hotchkiss and women with placards

House of Commons, 09 November 2023, Neale Hanvey MP mentions the FWS court decision and asks about clarification of ‘sex’ in the Equality Act

GB News, 29 October 2023, Marion Calder at Battle of Ideas, London

GB News, 15 October 2023, Susan Smith discussing the FiLiA conference in Glasgow

STV News, 04 October 2023, Susan Smith on FWS’s judicial review appeal

ITV News, 19 September 2023, Susan Smith discussing the Scottish Government’s legal challenge to the section 35 order

GB News, 19 September 2023, Susan Smith discussing the Scottish Government’s legal challenge to the section 35 order

Talk Radio, 01 August 2023, Susan Smith discussing the Costa advert that shows a woman with mastectomy scars

Radio Scotland, 09 May 2023, Susan Smith discussing The Stand cancelling Joanna Cherry

ITV Border News, 19 April 2023, Susan Smith discussing the Scottish Government’s legal challenge to the section 35 order

BBC Reporting Scotland, 12 April 2023, Susan Smith discussing the Scottish Government’s legal challenge to the section 35 order

BBC News, 12 April 2023, Susan Smith discussing the Scottish Government’s legal challenge to the section 35 order

BBC Radio Scotland, 12 April 2023, Susan Smith discussing the Scottish Government’s legal challenge to the section 35 order

GB News, 28 February 2023, Susan Smith discussing Isla Bryson who has been sentenced to 8 years

BBC Reporting Scotland, 09 February 2023, Susan Smith at our #NoMalesInFemaleJails demo at the Scottish Parliament

Go Radio, 27 January 2023, Susan Smith discussing Adam Graham/Isla Bryson, the convicted rapist who enrolled on a college beauty course alongside young women after being charged with rape

STV News, 26 January 2023, Susan Smith discussing Adam Graham/Isla Bryson, the convicted rapist who has now been moved from Cornton Vale women’s prison to a male prison

GB News, 26 January 2023, Susan Smith discussing Adam Graham/Isla Bryson, the convicted rapist who is now set to be removed from Cornton Vale women’s prison

LBC Radio, 25 January 2023, Susan Smith discussing Adam Graham/Isla Bryson, the convicted rapist who has reportedly been sent to a women’s prison

GB News, 22 January 2023, Susan Smith discussing the Gender Recognition Reform Act, s35 order and violent transactivists

BBC World Service, 21 January 2023, Susan Smith discussing the Gender Recognition Reform Act

The Scotsman, 17 January 2023, Maren Smith gives her reaction on the blocking of the Gender Recognition Reform Bill by the UK Government

BBC Reporting Scotland, 17 January 2023, Susan Smith talking about the Gender Recognition Reform Act and the section 35 order

Talk TV, 17 January 2023, Susan Smith talking about the Gender Recognition Reform Act and the section 35 order

Radio Scotland, 17 January 2023, Susan Smith talking about the Gender Recognition Reform Act and the section 35 order

BBC News, 16 January 2023, Susan Smith talking about the section 35 order on the Gender Recognition Reform Act

GB News, 16 January 2023, Susan Smith on the Gender Recognition Act and the possible s35 intervention by Westminster

STV, 22 December 2022, Marion Calder on the passing of the Gender Recognition Reform Bill

Talk TV, 22 December 2022, Susan Smith “Transwoman and female rights activist have a fiery debate over changing rooms”

Talk Radio, 22 December 2022, Maren Smith on gender reform

GB News, 22 December 2022, Susan Smith on gender reform

BBC News, 21 December 2022, Susan Smith, coverage of demo at Parliament and the Bill

BBC Radio Ulster, 21 December 2022, Maren Smith on gender reform

Channel 4, 21 December 2022, “Debate: should Scotland’s Gender Recognition Bill be passed?” with Susan Smith

Talk TV, 20 December 2022, Susan Smith talking about the GRR Bill

House of Commons, Online Safety Bill debate, 05 December 2022, FWS mentioned by Neale Hanvey MP
Video (about 04:50mins) I Hansard

LBC Radio, 30 November 2022, Susan Smith talking about the First Minister heckled at the Zero Tolerance meeting

BBC Reporting Scotland, 09 November 2022, Report on FWS judicial review

Radio Scotland, 09 November 2022, Detailed report on FWS judicial review

GB News, 28 October 2022, Susan Smith talking about Gender Recognition reform and Ash Regan’s resignation

BBC The Nine, 27 October 2022, Reporting on the Stage 1 debate on the Gender Recognition Reform Bill – Susan Smith featured

ITV News, 27 October 2022, Reporting on the Stage 1 debate on the Gender Recognition Reform Bill – Susan Smith featured

STV News, 27 October 2022, Reporting on the Stage 1 debate on the Gender Recognition Reform Bill – Susan Smith featured

Go Radio News, 27 October 2022, Susan Smith taking about the Gender Recognition Reform Bill

Forth Radio News, 27 October 2022, Susan Smith talking about the Gender Recognition Reform Bill

GB News, 09 October 2022, Should 16 year olds be allowed to change their gender? – featured our rally at Parliament

Talk TV, 17 August 2022, Susan Smith on the appointment of a man as the first Period Dignity Officer

BBC Reporting Scotland, 16 June 2022, FWS press conference on protecting female sport

Talk TV, 03 May 2022, Susan Smith on Nicola Sturgeon’s refusal to define “woman”

GB News, 09 April 2022, Susan Smith on the gender pay gap

GB News, 05 April 2022, Susan Smith on the EHRC guidance for single-sex spaces

GB News, 06 March 2022, Shereen Benjamin on being excluded from the Parliament LGBT cross party group

Talk Radio, 06 March 2022, Maren Smith on the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill

BBC Reporting Scotland, 18 February 2022, report on our judicial review appeal win on the redefinition of ‘woman’ in the Gender Representation on Public Boards Act

Radio Scotland, 17 February 2022, Marion Calder on reform of the Gender Recognition Act

BBC Reporting Scotland, 17 February 2022, Marion Calder on reform of the Gender Recognition Act

BBC News at One, 17 February 2022, Marion Calder on reform of the Gender Recognition Act

Radio 4, 17 February 2022, Marion Calder on reform of the Gender Recognition Act

GB News, 30 January 2022, Susan Smith on reform of the Gender Recognition Act

GB News, 10 January 2022, Susan Smith talking about the school census

GB News, 20 October 2021, Susan Smith “We need to talk about Stonewall”

GB News, 19 September 2021, Marion Calder talking about women’s rights in Scotland

RT News, 14 August 2021, Marion Calder talking about the Governments new school guidance for transgender pupils

Talk Radio, 12 June 2021, Susan Smith talking about the petition to accurately record the sex of people charged or convicted of rape or attempted rape

Radio Clyde, 02 May 2021, Marion Calder asking Anas Sarwar about women’s rights

Radio Clyde, 25 April 2021, Marion Calder asking Patrick Harvie about women’s rights

Radio Scotland, 08 April 2021, Marion Calder asking Douglas Ross about women’s rights

Talk Radio, 03 July 2020

Scotland Tonight, STV, 20 February 2020

Scotland Tonight, STV, 24 May 2019

Scotland Tonight, STV, 04 March 2019 (audio only)

Webinars and Podcasts

Terfy Christmas Message 2023

The End of Self ID in Scotland – Mr Menno Interviews For Women Scotland, 20 December 2023

Let Us Pray, discussing the proposed conversion therapy ban with Susan Smith, 14 April 2023

Academy of Ideas, “Gender wars: Is the Government right to veto Sturgeon’s self-id bill?” with Susan Smith, 21 January 2023

Feminist Current talks to Susan Smith about the passing of the Gender Recognition Reform Bill, 02 January 2023

Tweet Street podcast: Safeguarding Affirmative – Maren smith discussing children’s rights, 10 October 2022

The Implications of Self-ID in Scotland’s Schools and Prisons – Maren Smith and Rhona Hotchkiss, 06 December 2021

The Mess We’re In Ep. #72: The Crisis at Edinburgh Rape Crisis – Susan Smith (from 27:30 mins), 11 August 2021

Make More Noise: Wombs With a View – Susan Smith, 22 April 2021

ALBA Women’s Discussion Forum – Susan Smith, 19 April 2021

Woman’s Human Rights Campaign: Judicial Review on the redefinition of women in the Gender Representation on Public Boards Act – Shereen Benjamin, 02 January 2021

Scottish Prism talks to Marion Calder, FWS, 06 November 2020

Free to Disagree: Discussion on the Hate Crime Bill – Susan Smith, 10 September 2020

Woman’s Human Rights Campaign: GRA Reform in Scotland – Marion Calder, 24 August 2020


The Telegraph, 04 June 2024, “Trans rights activists help SNP set up a new NHS child gender service”

Daily Mail, 29 May 2024, “Nearly all Scottish secondary schools allow children to self-ID and choose their own gender with new report warning policy operating in 95% of colleges may allow students to share toilets”

The Telegraph, 28 May 2024, “Over 95pc Scottish secondary schools allow children to self-identify gender”

Sunday Post, 26 May 2024, “Violent trans ex-cons admitted to ‘women-only’ rehab scheme”

The Times, 24 May 2024, “Literary society tells bookshops not to sell ‘Terf’ books”

The Times, 20 May 2024, “JK Rowling slams ‘witch-hunts’ after rape crisis centre worker’s victory”

The Telegraph, 13 May 2024, “Swinney accused of tying himself in ‘nonsensical’ knots over whether trans women are women”

The Times, 06 May 2024, “Scottish council to stop schools calling pupils boys and girls”

Scottish Sun, 05 May 2024, “John Swinney sparks backlash by claiming he could resurrect gender self-ID plans when he becomes FM”

Daily Record, 05 May 2024, “Scots teachers could be banned from using ‘girls and boys’ in Tory led constituency”

The Times, 04 May 2024, “Feminists rage at Sturgeon’s warnings on women’s rights”

The Scotsman, 29 April 2024, “Humza Yousaf’s adherence to trans ideology played a part in his political demise. Will next SNP leader stand up for reality?”

The Telegraph, 25 April 2024, “JK Rowling may have the last laugh on SNP’s obsession with trans rights”

Express, 21 April 2024, “Outrage as SNP claims it’s not just women who go through the menopause”

The Telegraph, 21 April 2024, “SNP report says ‘it’s not just women’ who get menopause symptoms”

Daily Mail, 20 April 2024, “It’s not just women who experience menopause, insists SNP”

The Spectator, 20 April 2024, “Scotland’s surprising new free speech champion”

Scottish Daily Express, 18 April 2024, “‘Absolutely stupid’ Humza Yousaf provokes anger with rape claim as row over misogyny bill erupts”

The Times, 18 April 2024, “NHS whistleblower raised gender service concerns two years ago”

The Telegraph, 16 April 2024, “BBC Scotland accused of pandering to trans activists in Cass Review coverage”

Daily Mail, 13 April 2024, “Stop prescribing puberty blockers to children – or risk legal action”

Daily Mail, 12 April 2024, “Two weeks in and Scotland’s already riven by mutiny and chaos over the most absurd law since Henry II’s beard tax”

The Telegraph, 11 April 2024, “Children on puberty blockers ‘faced lack of psychological support’”

Quillette, 11 April 2024, “Queen of the Gender Crits”

The Telegraph, 10 April 2024, “‘Tartan Tavistock’ gender clinic ‘should be closed’ after Cass report’s findings”

GB News, 10 April 2024, “SNP could EXPAND hate crime laws to cover trans conversion despite barrage of complaints”

CNN, 10 April 2024, “A hate crime law was meant to protect against prejudice. It ended up sowing further division”

The Telegraph, 09 April 2024, “SNP could extend hate crime laws to offer trans people more protection”

1919 Magazine, 09 April 2024, “Hate crime law: police officers left to ‘untangle this mess’”

GB News, 08 April 2024, “Children to be allowed to CHANGE GENDER in Scottish schools despite report of ‘psychological’ repercussions”

The Telegraph, 08 April 2024, “Children to be allowed to change gender in Scottish schools”

The Scotsman, 08 April 2024, “Readers’ Letters: Short memory over JK Rowling remarks ‘designed to offend'”

Holyrood, 07 April 2024, “Over the rainbow: What does ‘lanyard-gate’ say about the state of Scottish politics?”

El Mundo, 07 April 2024, “La cruzada de JK Rowling por las mujeres de Escocia y su lista negra de 10 ‘trans'”

The Herald, 06 April 2024, “Why JK felt she had to act”

The Telegraph, 06 April 2024, “Feminists clash with pro-trans activists on march against anti-hate speech law”

Scottish Daily Express, 06 April 2024, “Let Women Speak Edinburgh event marred by ‘intimidating masked men’ as ‘hate monster’ makes an appearance”

The National, 05 April 2024, “Shutting down of hate crime debate made test by JK Rowling necessary”

The Telegraph, 05 April 2024, “Police Scotland criticised over mistake in new hate crime training”

The Times, 03 April 2024, “Police ‘making up hate-crime rules as they go’ over JK Rowling storm”

New York Post. 03 April 2024 “JK Rowling vows to defend women eyed by cops for misgendering trans people after daring police to arrest her”

Scottish Legal News, 03 April 2024, “Victims minister Siobhian Brown repeatedly gets new hate crime law wrong”

BBC News, 02 April 2024, “JK Rowling hate law posts not criminal, police say”

The Telegraph, 02 April 2024, “Sturgeon ‘blocked changes’ to Scotland’s hate crime laws”

The Critic, 01 April 2024, “No joke: Scotland’s Hate Crime Act is absurd, but nobody’s laughing” by Susan Smith

The Telegraph, 30 March 2024, “How Scotland became an Orwellian nightmare”

Sky News, 28 March 2024, “Scotland’s new hate crime law could be used to ‘settle scores’, say critics”

The Telegraph, 22 March 2024, “Trans-hating ‘parody of JK Rowling’ was created by Police Scotland officers”

The Telegraph, 20 March 2024, “Police accused of parodying JK Rowling with ‘Jo’, who thinks trans people should go to gas chambers”

Daily Mail, 18 March 2024, “JK Rowling vows to defy Scotland’s ‘ludicrous’ new hate crime laws and refuses to delete posts calling trans TV presenter ‘just a man'”

Sunday Post, 17 March 2024

Daily Mail, 16 March 2024, “How on earth did the luvvies at Creative Scotland end up spending £110,000 of public cash to bankroll a hardcore porn film?”

The Herald, 15 March 2024, “MSPs say public board quota rules definition of woman should change”

The Telegraph, 14 March 2024, “NHS clinic ‘follows discredited trans guidelines that encourage castration’”

Scottish Sun, 13 March 2024, “‘CATALYST’ SNP ministers urged to follow English ban on puberty blockers for kids wanting to change gender”

Scottish Daily Express, 12 March 2024, “Bomb threats and Mumsnet! What drives For Women Scotland as they say they will never back down”

Holyrood, 12 March 2024, “The women who wouldn’t wheesht: For Women Scotland on gender reform”

Scottish Sun, 11 March 2024, “BREAKING POINT Cops will be stretched to the limit by new ‘flawed’ crackdown on hate crime, critics warn”

The Telegraph, 10 March 2024, “SNP quango gave public money to ‘porn masquerading as art’”

The Times, 10 March 2024, “Creative Scotland’s funding of explicit sex show under review”

STV News, 10 March 2024, “Creative Scotland investigating concerns over public funding for explicit film”

Sunday Post, 10 March 2024


Scottish Sun, 09 March 2024, “‘STATE-FUNDED PORN’ Explicit ‘sex cave’ show handed £84,000 of public money by Scottish Government agency”

Daily Mail, 08 March 2024, “Fury on International Women’s Day over Care Quality Commission report on NHS maternity services referring to females as genderless ‘people'”

The Scotsman, 01 March 2024, “Conversion therapy Scotland: Proposals for ban could introduce transgender self-ID by back door”

The Times, 26 February 2024, “Rodgers condemned by women’s groups after calling reporter ‘good girl’”

Daily Mail, 26 February 2024, “Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers is labelled a ‘DINOSAUR’ for his ‘casual sexist’ put-down to a female BBC reporter while he walked away from a post-match interview over her questions”

The Critic, 22 February 2024 “Of course women support women”

The Telegraph, 18 February 2024, “JK Rowling donates £70k to challenge ruling that men can become women”

Scottish Daily Express, 17 February 2024, “‘Proud’ JK Rowling donates £70k to legal battle to stop the SNP Government changing the definition of a ‘woman'”

The Times, 17 February 2024, “JK Rowling donates £70k for legal challenge on defining a woman”

The Times, 16 February 2024, “Supreme Court to rule on legal definition of ‘woman’ in Scotland”

BBC News, 12 February 2024, “Activist Simon Fanshawe named as University of Edinburgh rector”

Daily Mail, 11 February 2024


The Scotsman, 12 January 2024, “Scottish Government inundated with more than 4,000 responses to sex education and gender identity consultation”

Daily Mail, 11 January 2024, “Conversion therapy ban bid ‘terrifying’ for parents”

Daily Mail, 10 January 2024, “‘This bill will destroy families’: Parents and campaigners slam SNP plans they say could see mothers and fathers JAILED for refusing to allow their children to change their gender”

The Telegraph, 09 January 2024, “Parents who refuse children gender change face seven years in jail in Scotland”

The Telegraph, 08 January 2024, “New Scottish trans prison rules ‘even worse than before'”

Scottish Express, 07 January 2024, “SNP Government spend thousands on non-binary action plan amid ‘cat identifying’ claim”

Holyrood, 28 December 2023, “Court action: Gender reform dominates in busy year for Scottish Government cases”

The Times, 25 December 2023, “My unsung heroes of 2023”

The Times, 20 December 2023, “Alex Salmond: Gender reforms were worst legislation in history of devolution”

The Sunday Post, 10 December 2023, “System’s ‘mind-blowing incompetence’ left sexual predator free to rape and kill”

The Times, 10 December 2023, “Scottish doctors can keep prescribing puberty-blockers to children”

The Mail, 08 December 2023, “SNP defeated in court AGAIN over controversial gender law”

The Herald, 07 December 2023, “MSP accuses Holyrood of ‘double standards’ after feminist badge seized”

The Mail, 06 December 2023, “Backlash after Holyrood BANS pro-women badges”

The Telegraph, 06 December 2023, “Holyrood accused of ‘discriminatory harassment’ after confiscating feminist badge at rape inquiry”

Scottish Express, 06 December 2023, “‘Discriminatory harassment’ claims after women has feminist badge confiscated at Holyrood”

The Herald, 06 December 2023, “‘Farcical’: Holyrood security guards swoop on feminist badge”

The Telegraph, 05 December 2023, “Trans criminals with history of violence ‘will be sent to women’s prisons’”

The Times, 17 November 2023, “Trans people promised better access to fertility treatments”

Scottish Sun, 12 November 2023, “Female lives ‘at risk’ as Ministers remove the word woman from cervical cancer screening info”

Scottish Daily Express, 08 November 2023, “SNP Government in humiliating climbdown as it removes definition of woman from gender quota legislation”

The Critic, 03 November 2023, “Scottish silliness on sex”

The Times, 01 November 2023, “For Women campaigners lose gender recognition challenge”

LBC News, 18 October 2023, “Andrew Miller jailed for 20 years for ‘devious depravity’ after child abduction and sexual assault”

The Times, 16 October 2023. “JK Rowling makes surprise appearance at feminist conference in Glasgow”

The Times, 12 October 2023, “Trans rights crowd ‘assaulted’ guests at gender book launch”

The Telegraph, 05 October 2023:

The Herald, 04 October 2023, “Scottish Government’s definition of woman is ‘unworkable’, court told”

Scottish Daily Express, 03 October 2023, “Scottish Government questioned over ‘transparency’ as second gender court case looms”

BBC News, 03 October 2023, “Appeal over Court of Session ruling on definition of ‘woman'”

Aberdeen Live, 22 September 2023, “Police dismiss complaint after woman assaulted at gender critical rally in Duthie Park”

Glasgow Times, 28 August 2023, “Thomas Kerr: Unionists can’t trust Labour to stand up to SNP”

Scottish Daily Express, 23 August 2023, “Patrick Harvie accused of ‘twisting words’ as he blames ‘toxic forces in politics’ for BBC interview heckle”

The National, 14 August 2023, “Patrick Harvie attends trans rights rally over UCI policy”

The Telegraph, 08 August 2023, “Gender critics are akin to white supremacists, claims SNP’s Mhairi Black”

The Herald, 06 August 2023, “Unprecedented security for Joanna Cherry’s Fringe show”

Scottish Daily Express, 02 August 2023, “Fury as Chief Medical Officer approves ‘activist wish list’ of ‘fast-track irreversible surgery for trans patients'”

The Independent, 02 August 2023, “Costa Coffee defends mural of post-op trans man after boycott threat”

The Herald, 30 July 2023, “Scottish Labour faces ‘nightmare scenario’ over gender law court fight”

The Scotsman, 29 July 2023, “Transgender debate: Police Scotland must not turn a blind eye to attack on gender critical protester”

Holyrood, 26 July 2023, “Calls for clarity over Labour gender reform policy”

Scottish Daily Express, 19 July 2023, “Parents warned about ‘Kooth’ app teaching Scots kids the ‘neo language of gender'”

The Telegraph, 07 July 2023, “SNP MP Mhairi Black accused of hypocrisy for claiming politics is toxic”

The Scotsman, 05 July 2023, Letters “Trans ideology”

Scottish Daily Express, 26 June 2023, “Scottish Parliament under fire for ‘shocking betrayal’ as trans people take part in women’s event”

Scottish Daily Express, 26 June 2023, “Edinburgh venue leaves guests ‘confused’ and ‘uncomfortable’ with removal of single-sex bathrooms”

The Times, 18 June 2023, “Ministers urged to prevent rush for puberty blockers”

The National, 16 June 2023, “The benefits of UK clarifying what ‘sex’ means would be widespread”

Scottish Daily Express, 13 June 2023, “Joanna Cherry rolls eyes at Kirsty Blackman during controversial women’s rights debate”

Scottish Daily Express, 07 June 2023, “Fury as Labour MSP forced to step down from Holyrood Equality Act event over complaint of ‘attack on trans people'”

Daily Mail, 07 June 2023:

The Telegraph, 06 June 2023, “‘Inappropriate’ drag queen story time for babies and toddlers criticised”

Scottish Daily Express, 05 June 2023, “Embarrassing blunder as SNP MP wrongly claims equality law is devolved”

The Times, 25 May 2023, “Sharron Davies challenges trans athletes claims”

Scottish Daily Express, 15 May 2023, “Nicola Sturgeon ‘shameless’ to talk about the political polarisation she ‘revelled’ in”

Reduxx, 11 May 2023, “Trans-Identified Male Playing In Women’s Field Hockey Club Injured Female Player”

Scottish Daily Express, 11 May 2023, “Maggie Chapman suspended after breaking MSP code of conduct over financial breach”

The Telegraph, 10 May 2023, “Children as young as 12 can have puberty blockers, Scots watchdog says”

Scottish Daily Express, 10 May 2023, “Fury as ‘wickedly irresponsible’ gender guidance lands for Scottish children in care”

Scottish Daily Express, 04 May 2023, “Edinburgh Council votes to spend £61k on Stonewall membership despite cuts and gender controversy”

Scottish Daily Express, 02 May 2023, “Kirstie Allsopp digs deeper into trans storm as she is accused of making ‘terrible, unevidenced, anti-intellectual arguments'”

Holyrood, 27 April 2023, “Feminist group challenges court ruling on definition of woman”

STV News, 27 April 2023, “Protesters branded ‘troublemakers’ for blocking ‘biased’ film screening”

Scottish Daily Express, 25 April, “Backlash after 60% of schools sign up to controversial LGBT charity scheme”

Scottish Daily Express, 17 April 2023, “Controversial women’s rights film to be targeted by trans activists in Edinburgh AGAIN”

Scottish Sun, 15 April 2023, “Trans paedo set free again despite breaching bail terms TWICE on 280-mile road trip”

The Scotsman, 14 April 2023, “Humza Yousaf’s legal action over Gender Recognition Reform Bill would embarrass Alan Partridge – Susan Dalgety”

Scottish Daily Express, 13 April 2023, “‘Offensive’ Green MSP says Isla Bryson should be allowed a legal sex change”

BBC News, 12 April 2023, “Block on Scottish gender reforms to be challenged in court”

The Telegraph, 11 April 2023, “Trans paedophile praises Nicola Sturgeon’s gender reforms”

The Times, 10 April 2023, “Ditch court challenge to gender reform veto, opponents urge Humza Yousaf”

The Telegraph, 03 April 2023, “SNP politician had innocent woman investigated for hate crime over bikini wax mix-up”

The Times, 24 March 2023, “JK Rowling rejects Yousaf claim to be defender of women’s rights”

Express, 23 March 2023, “Theatre row as gender neutral loos mean women will have to queue by men using urinals”

The Telegraph, 23 March 2023, “If you don’t know who you fancy then you’re queer, schools tell children”

Scottish Daily Express, 18 February 2023, “SNP government accused of hushing up Gender Recognition Reform legal advice despite court challenge”

The Sun, 18 February 2023, “Military chiefs slammed for using trans woman to showcase achievements of females”

The Herald, 17 February 2023, “SNP hopefuls face tough questions on gender reform legal challenge”

The Times, 17 February 2023, “Trans row SNP defectors barred from voting for new leader”

The Times, 16 February 2023, “Women’s rights activists celebrate Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation”

The Times, 15 February 2023, “Four of five trans inmates in women’s prisons are murderers”

The Telegraph, 13 February 2023, “Thousands of transgender inclusivity badges left unused in Scotland after staff snubbed scheme”

The Epoch Times, 10 February 2023, “New Policy Will See Trans Prisoners in Scotland Initially Housed According to Birth Sex”

Scottish Daily Express, 10 February 2023, “Scottish Lib Dem leader told he owes women and girls ‘urgent apology’ for praising ‘toxic’ trans activist”

The National, 09 February 2023, “Protests held at Holyrood over transgender prisoners row”

Daily Record, 09 February 2023, “Campaigners stage protest at Holrood against transgender criminals in Scots female prisons”

The Herald, 09 February 2023, “SNP MSPs join trans prisoner protest outside Holyrood”

The Herald, 09 February 2023, “Campaigners stage protest against transgender criminals in women’s prisons”

Daily Express, 06 February 2023, “BBC apologises after failing to protect JK Rowling from ‘baseless’ transphobia smears”

The Times, 02 February 2023, “Isla Bryson ‘almost certainly’ masquerading as trans, says Sturgeon”

The Telegraph, 01 February 2023, “SNP minister accused of ‘throwing petrol onto the fire’ after publicising attempt to disrupt women’s rally”

Daily Mail, 29 January 2023, “EXCLUSIVE: Patient claims she was sexually assaulted and threatened with rape during stays at two Scottish hospitals – and accuses NHS of ‘culture of cover up’ over horrific ordeals”

The Times, 29 January 2023, “Violent trans prisoners blocked from women’s jails in Scotland pending ‘urgent review’”

The Herald, 29 January 2023, “Call for Italian style jail for trans prisoners as FM faces new storm”

Daily Mail, 25 January 2023, “Transgender double rapist sent to a women’s prison ‘is a man who has committed rape’: SNP Joanna Cherry leads fury as campaigners warn sexual predator ‘should not be called a woman’ and use the hashtag ‘#Notourcrimes'”

The Telegraph, 24 January 2023, “Transgender woman found guilty of two rapes when a man”

Scottish Daily Express, 24 January 2023, “Scottish councils warned they could be breaching Equality Act by ‘socially transitioning’ children”

Daily Mail, 21 January 2023, “The lesbian who launched 1,000 feminists: Story of same sex rights campaigner whose work inspired JK Rowling’s activism”

Scottish Daily Express, 21 January 2023, “SNP politicians blasted after standing with group holding ‘decapitate TERFS’ sign at trans protest”

The Telegraph, 21 January 2023, “Why teenage girls are on the front line of the trans war”

Aljazeera, 20 January 2023, “London, Scotland head for showdown as gender debate rages”

The Times, 18 January 2023, “Gender bill lobbyists get millions from SNP”

Scottish Daily Express, 18 January 2023, “Lawyers left ‘baffled’ by SNP inaction on Equality Act conflict as they say ‘we warned you’ countless times”

Taz, 18 January 2023, “Activist on Scottish trans law “Women’s protection is endangered””

Scottish Daily Express, 29 December 2022, “UN official called out for describing harassment of a Scottish MP as ‘epic'”

The Telegraph, 28 December 2022, “Scotland’s new trans law compared to Nelson Mandela’s apartheid fight by SNP minister”

The Times, 22 December 2022, “‘Sturgeon out’ demand protesters at 1,000-strong parliament rally”

BBC News, 22 December 2022, “The two sides of Scotland’s gender law debate”

Scottish Daily Express, 20 December 2022, “‘Utterly disgraceful’ scenes as women threatened with arrest and kicked out of Holyrood gender debate”

Scottish Daily Express, 19 December 2022, “SNP government in ‘travesty of democracy’ accusation as gender time limit exposed”

The Times, 15 December 2022, “Film screening called off after trans protest”

BBC, 13 December 2022, “Government wins legal case over definition of woman”

The Telegraph, 13 December 2022, “Scottish judge rules human sex is ‘not limited to biology’”

The Times, 13 December 2022, “Definition of woman in Equality Act includes trans, court rules”

The Times, 13 December 2022, “End discrimination and open up shelter, rape charity tells Rowling”

The Telegraph, 12 December 2022:

Scottish Daily Expresss, 01 December 2022, “Event attended by Nicola Sturgeon in free speech row as women alleged to have been turned away”

The Telegraph, 29 November 2022, “Nicola Sturgeon heckled with ‘shame on you’ during male violence speech”

The Times, 29 November 2022, “Zero tolerance event bans talk of single sex spaces”

Scottish Daily Express, 28 November 2022, “Nicola Sturgeon mocked by UN adviser who warns gender reform bill will have global consequences”

Scottish Daily Express, 19 November 2022, “Anger over Glasgow drag event open to teenagers under the age of 16”

Scottish Daily Express, 18 November 2022, “MSPs pushed to answer questions on trans prisoner convicted of paedophilia who attacked fellow inmate”

Scottish Daily Express, 17 November 2022, “Woke staff fail in attempt to axe Scots education conference as cancel culture strikes Glasgow”

The Telegraph, 15 November 2022, “Women’s health clinics could be renamed to avoid upsetting trans patients”

The Telegraph, 14 November 2022, “NHS Scotland plans to ‘fast-track irreversible surgery for trans patients’”

The Times, 13 November 2022. “Scottish hospitals warned over isolating transwomen”

Scottish Daily Express, 11 November 2022, “Maggie Chapman blasted over gender bill change which would allow someone to legally change gender immediately”

The Telegraph, 10 November 2022, “Human sex is not determined at birth and can legally change, SNP argues in court”

The Guardian, 10 November 2022, “EHRC has not taken sides in debate on impact of transgender laws, Scottish court told”

The Times, 10 November 2022, “Holyrood’s definition of woman is unlawful, feminist activists claim”

The Telegraph, 09 November 2022, “SNP ‘denying biology’ by insisting people can legally change gender, court hears”

The Guardian, 09 November 2022, “Scottish plans to include transgender women in equality law tested in court”

Scottish Daily Express, 09 November 2022, “Women in Scotland losing their human rights due to SNP/Green government, court hears”

Scottish Daily Express, 09 November 2022, “Judicial review heard TODAY in case brought against SNP Government over legal definition of a woman”

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Scottish Legal News, 09 November 2022, “Amanda Jones: Gender recognition bill will complicate rather than clarify the law”

Scottish Daily Express, 09 November 2022, “Sandyford Clinic facing mounting legal action from former patients rushed into sex-change treatments”

The Telegraph, 09 November 2022

Scottish Daily Express, 07 November 2022, “Scottish Green councillor branded ‘reckless’ by women’s rights group over school transgender comments”

The Times, 07 November 2022, “Schools ‘safer than home’ for pupils to explore gender, says Glasgow trans councillor”

The Times, 05 November 2022, “Gender recognition reform: SNP rebels force Sturgeon to back off”

The Telegraph, 03 November 2022, “Nicola Sturgeon under pressure to shut down Scotland’s only gender clinic for children”

The Times, 03 November 2022, “SNP’s feminist foreign policy is absurd, claim Tories”

Scottish Daily Express, 02 November 2022, “Scottish Labour and Conservatives urged to reveal how they will amend controversial gender reforms”

Daily Mail, 01 November 2022, “Puberty blockers given to children ‘as young as NINE’ at Scotland’s Tavistock Centre: Sandyford clinic under fire for giving life-changing drugs to autistic and troubled youngsters who may have been ‘misdiagnosed’ as trans”

The Telegraph, 31 October 2022, “Children as young as nine prescribed puberty blockers at Sturgeon-backed gender clinic”

Scottish Daily Mail, 31 October 2022



The Epoch Times, 28 October 2022, “First Stage of Scotland’s Gender Reform Self-ID Bill Passes Despite Nine SNP MPs Defying Party Whip”

The Telegraph, 27 October 2022, “Gender identity clinics across Scotland secretly use extreme guidelines from controversial trans group”

The Telegraph, 26 October 2022, “‘Sturgeon’s Tavistock’ clinic offers trans children surgery not backed by ‘robust evidence’”

Scottish Daily Express, 26 October 2022, “Children’s commissioner accused of risking the health of Scots kids for ‘political expediency'”

Scottish Daily Express, 26 October 2022, “Schools told to seek legal advice before following Scottish guidance for transgender kids”

Scottish Daily Express, 24 October 2022, “Keir Starmer refuses to say if Eddie Izzard will be allowed to stand as female candidate”

The Times, 15 October 2022, “JK Rowling: Sturgeon is deaf to women’s concerns over gender ID”

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The Times, 13 October 2022, “”Trans charity under investigation is still giving advice to Scottish pupils”

Daily Mail, 10 October 2022, “Now JK Rowling brands Nicola Sturgeon ‘the First Feminist’: Author slams SNP leader in latest war of words after it emerged party’s equalities officer threatened to ‘beat the f*** out of terfs'”

Daily Record, 09 October 2022, “SNP equalities officer threatened to ‘beat the f*** out of terfs and transphobes’ in abusive tweets”

The Herald, 09 October 2022

Multiple media articles on 6th October relating to our women’s rights rally at the Scottish Parliament: see here for the list of press and TV coverage.

Scottish Daily Express, 28 September 2022, “Calls for crackdown on Scottish website posting breast binders to ‘vulnerable kids'”

The Telegraph, 24 September 2022, “Scottish tour guides told to address visitors as ‘grown-ups’ instead of ‘mum and dad’”

The Sun, 22 September 2022, “Snowflake heritage bosses ban tour guides from using ‘non-inclusive’ terms like mum and dad in bonkers woke farce”

Scottish Daily Express, 22 September 2022, “Scottish Government pay out £147,500 for court loss to feminist group”

Scottish Legal News, 22 September 2022, “Scottish government pays out £147,500 after losing case over definition of ‘woman’”

The Telegraph, 22 September 2022, “Transgender players in Scottish rugby ‘putting females at risk'”

The Times, 18 September 2022, “Goodbye Mr Squirrel: nurseries told to avoid gender stereotypes”

Scottish Daily Express, 17 September 2022, “Scottish Government urged to focus on persecuted women today rather than witches”

Scottish Daily Express, 14 September 2022, “SNP MP branded a ‘misogynist bigot’ for statement against gay rights charity”

The Telegraph, 08 September 2022

Scottish Daily Express, 07 September 2022, “Nicola Sturgeon’s controversial gender self ID law faces legal challenge from Liz Truss’ government”

Scottish Daily Express, 07 September 2022, “Anger from Scots feminists as ‘pee protest’ trans activists target UK’s equality watchdog”

Scottish Daily Express, 06 September 2022, “Patrick Harvie accused of ‘trivialising fascism’ at trans rally in Edinburgh”

Scottish Daily Express, 01 September 2022, “Scottish Government court loss leads to crucial review of ‘woman’ in ‘shaky’ gender guidance”

The Times, 24 August 2022, “Sandyford gender clinic seeks views on failings”

Scottish Daily Express, 23 August 2022, “Young people to wait over a year for safeguarding measures at Sandyford gender clinic”

Scottish Daily Express, 19 August 2022, “Dundee’s SNP council leader backs period boss with ‘VERY concerning’ comment”

The Telegraph, 17 August 2022:

Daily Mail, 17 August 2022, “Meet the (very macho) weightlifting, boxing, ultra-marathon-running new ‘period officer’ who SNP-led Dundee council has given £36,126-a-year to talk about periods and the menopause with women and girls”

The Scotsman, 17 August 2022, Letter: “Not so fast” (in response to Scottish Trans column)

The Times, 14 August 2022, “Edinburgh University urged to review ‘dangerous’ policy on trans students”

Scottish Daily Express, 02 August 2022, “Nicola Sturgeon told to protect ‘single-sex sport’ after she hails Lionesses Euro victory”

The Times, 01 August 2022, “SNP denies trying to silence feminists in transphobia row”

The Herald, 31 July 2022, “Critics of gender self-ID face bar from Yes campaign under code of conduct plan”

The Times, 31 July 2022, “Tavistock scandal: Calls for Scottish Sandyford service to close”

Scottish Daily Express, 26 July 2022, “Scottish Government slated over £317k payments to under-fire charity Stonewall”

The Telegraph, 22 July 2022, “Offer ‘bridging’ hormones to people on gender clinic waiting lists, Scottish doctors told”

Scottish Legal News, 22 July 2022 “Second judicial review brought against Scottish government over definition of ‘woman’”

The Telegraph, 20 July 2022, “SNP accused of flouting court ruling to define biological men as women”

Scottish Daily Mail, 04 July 2022

The Telegraph, 30 June 2022, “‘Farts’ – How women who question transgender ideology are described in Scottish Government training”

tes magazine, 22 June 2022, “Transgender and non-binary students: legal issues in Scotland”

Scottish Daily Express, 22 June 2022, “Nicola Sturgeon under fire from women’s rights champions for hypocritical Italy jaunt”

Scottish Daily Express, 22 June 2022, “SNP’s pro self-ID argument ‘demolished’ by expert witness called in at last minute”

Think Scotland, 21 June 2022, “Railroaded: gender recognition reform and policy capture”

The Scottish Sun. 20 June 2022, “Scots government-backed puberty advice leaflet sparks anger with ‘women’ and ‘girls’ erased”

The Telegraph, 20 June 2022 “NHS Scotland disowns eunuch policy link”:

FWS Press Conference: Protect Female Sports – see here for list of press and TV coverage

The Telegraph, 15 June 2022, “Scottish NHS: ‘eunuch’ should be a gender”

The Telegraph, 13 June 2022, “Scots should be allowed to change gender ‘as many times as they like’”

The Times, 12 June 2022, “Pull chain on unisex school loos, say activists”

Scottish Daily Express, 08 June 2022, “Scots groups fume at Emily Bridges interview as trans cyclist defends taking part in female races”

Scottish Daily Express, 01 June 2022, “Gender critics face anti-English abuse after speaking out against SNP reforms”

The Times, 01 June 2022, “Trans-row opponents debate self-ID law at Holyrood”

The Telegraph, 31 May 2022, “Scottish gender reforms amount to ‘state-endorsed’ reconstruction of society, warn campaigners”

Scottish Legal, 30 May 2022, “Gender Recognition Reform Bill ‘risks becoming bad law’”

Holyrood, 30 May 2022, “Women’s groups raise concerns about GRA reform ahead of Holyrood committee appearance”

The Telegraph, 29 May 2022, “Time-wasting Scottish census bosses threaten women who ‘spoilt’ forms with glitter”

The Times, 15 May 2022, “Trans alliance fears right to object could lead to court cases”

Scottish Daily Express, 14 May 2022, “Scottish Government cannot back up Lorna Slater’s ‘right wing group’ funding claims”

Scottish Daily Express, 11 May 2022, “Fury as Nicola Sturgeon knocks back complaint against Lorna Slater’s trans views”

The Times, 08 May 2022, “Trans status of recruits ‘must be disclosed to employers’

The Herald, 02 May 2022, “Nicola Sturgeon refuses to define what a ‘woman’ is”

The Telegraph, 02 May 2022, “Defining what a woman is would harm trans people, says Nicola Sturgeon”

The Times, 01 May 2022, “Woman on a mission hopes to end UK’s only all-male council”

Scottish Daily Express, 24 April 2022, “SNP ministers told to probe 1,411% rise in children sent to gender clinic amid fears of ‘massive scandal'”

Museums Journal, 22 April 2022, “Glasgow Life defends trans label in Burrell Collection after ‘politicisation’ row”

Scottish Daily Express, 20 April 2022, “SNP-run Scottish Government told to ‘wake up’ to child trans health ‘scandal of our time'”

The Herald, 16 April 2022, “Human rights advice could see women-only wards reinstated”

The Herald, 16 April 2022, “Burrell Collection accused of ‘politicising’ exhibits in transgender row”

Scottish Daily Express, 14 April 2022, “Scottish Census row erupts as Scottish Government threatens to prosecute people who refuse to fill it out”

The Times, 11 April 2022, “Slater criticised for likening trans law opponents to antisemites and racists”

The Times, 11 April 2022, “Gender reform critics like racists, says Lorna Slater”

The Telegraph, 10 April 2022, “‘Grossly offensive’ Scottish minister compares women’s rights activists to racists and anti-Semites”

The Times, 10 April 2022, “Transgender girls should not be barred from sport, says SNP”

The Times, 06 April 2022, “Self-ID has made a sham of census, feminist group says”

The Times, 24 March 2022, “‘Cis’ is an offensive term for women, feminists tell MSPs”

The Critic, 23 March 2022, “Victory for For Women Scotland”

The Daily Mail, 23 March 2022, “You can’t redefine what a woman is, top judges tell SNP”

The Telegraph, 22 March 2022, “SNP costs taxpayers £150,000 after failed attempt to ‘redefine’ women to include trans women”

Scottish Daily Express, 22 March 2022, “Humiliation for Nicola Sturgeon as women’s rights campaigners win gender court case and get awarded costs”

The Telegraph, 18 March 2022, “‘Gender critical’ groups campaigning at Tory conference”

Holyrood, 16 March 2022, “For Women Scotland call for pause on conversion therapy ban”

The Telegraph, 06 March 2022, “Scotland to be one of the easiest places on Earth for teenagers to change gender”

The Times, 06 March 2022, “Self-ID law ‘not supported by all trans people’ says campaigner”

Spiked, 05 March 2022, “The SNP’s Gender Recognition Bill is a threat to women”

The Herald, 03 March 2022, “Scottish Government publishes controversial gender reform plans”

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Scottish Daily Express, 02 March 2022, “Scottish Government condemned after letting ‘vile’ individuals consult on trans reforms”

Scottish Daily Express, 02 March 2022, “SNP’s gender reforms will mean the end of school trips warn parents and teachers”

The Telegraph, 01 March 2022, “‘Wrong sort of lesbians’ blocked from debating SNP trans reforms”

Scottish Daily Express, 28 February 2022, “Women’s group calls on Scots to troll the Nats by filling out a paper version of the census”

Scottish Daily Express, 22 February 2022, “SNP MP Mhairi Black under fire from feminist campaigners over ‘red head’ gender intervention”

Scottish Daily Express, 21 February 2022, “Highland Council reconsidering plans for unisex toilets at new Inverness school following parental concerns”

The Times, 19 February 2022, “Feminists says fight will go on after court win over definition of ‘woman’”

The Times, 19 February 2022, “Ministers lose bid to redefine ‘woman’ for the boardroom”

The Telegraph, 18 February 2022, “SNP loses bid to ‘redefine meaning of women’ to include trans people on public boards”

The Scottish Sun, 16 February 2022, “Raised Eyebrows: Green MSP asks people who ‘self-define’ as disabled to apply for job”

The Times, 13 February 2022, “SNP ready to make concessions on gender reforms ahead of May elections”

Scottish Daily Express, 11 February 2022, “Calls for women-only train carriages in Scotland should be derailed, say campaigners”

Scottish Daily Express, 03 February 2022, “Greens MSP called on to resign is now accused of ‘believing conspiracy theories’ about human rights watchdog”

Scottish Daily Express, 02 February 2022, “SNP government warned gender neutral terms could harm women”

The Telegraph, 27 January 2022, “My transgender reforms do not threaten women’s rights, says Nicola Sturgeon”

Scottish Daily Express, 27 January 2022, “Nicola Sturgeon condemned by 15 women’s groups for failing them on gender reforms”

Scottish Daily Express, 27 January 2022, “Calls for Scottish Greens MSP to step down after controversial Radio 4 interview”

Holyrood, 27 January 2022, “Nicola Sturgeon questions equality watchdog intervention in trans law reform debate”

The Telegraph, 26 January 2022, “Nicola Sturgeon’s transgender reforms ‘risk damaging women and should be stopped’”

The Critic, 26 January 2022, “The EHRC delivers”

Scottish Daily Express, 24 January 2022, “Scottish Express poll finds 90 per cent are against SNP’s controversial gender ID plans”

The Times, 23 January 2022, “Ministers rapped over census and women’s rights”

The Times, 16 January 2022, “Let children of 12 alter legal gender ‘without a delay’ in Scotland”

The Times, 09 January 2022, “Sex education: the Scottish students who sell their bodies”

The Times, 05 January 2022, “Feminist groups feel ignored by SNP gender consultation”

The Telegraph, 03 January 2022, “SNP accused of ignoring feminist and religious groups in gender reform talks”

The Times, 02 January 2022, “Trans prisoners ‘switch gender again’ once freed from women’s units”

The Times, 30 December 2021, “St Andrews University principal calls for student tolerance on contentious issues”

Daily Record, 22 December 2021, “‘Men and women’ could be ditched from Scots courts as lawyers urged to use gender-neutral terms”

The Times, 20 December 2021, “Gender reforms will cost you, SNP and Greens told”

The Times, 19 December 2021, “Ministers face public backlash over gender recognition reform plans”

Scottish Daily Express, 15 December 2021, “Cancelled? JK Rowling’s name barely features in new Fantastic Beasts film trailer amid fresh trans row”

The Herald, 09 December 2021, “Stuart Waiton: It’s up to parents to raise their children – not politicians”

Scottish Daily Express, 30 November 2021, “Nicola Sturgeon snubs women’s rights activists as they abandon the SNP over gender policies”

Daily Mail, 27 November 2021, “Front line of the gender wars”

The Herald, 26 November 2021, “Start of SNP conference hit by row over transgender rights”

The Times, 26 November 2021, “Schoolgirls rejecting mixed toilets over boys’ bad behaviour”

The Times, 24 November 2021, “JK Rowling hails For Women Scotland in trans row”

The Times, 21 November 2021, “Fears for Scots civil service ‘captured’ by Stonewall”

The Telegraph, 12 November 2021, “Tampons in men’s lavatories in case they are needed by transgender civil servants”

The Times, 07 November 2021, “Legal threat to trans-inclusive census”

The Herald, 06 November 2021, “Trans row ministers to explain why equality law was ignored in changing ‘woman’ definition”

The Herald, 04 November 2021, “Ministers defend claims they acted unlawfully by changing the definition of ‘woman'”

The Herald, 03 November 2021, “Scots ministers accused of unlawfully changing the definition of ‘women’ in court challenge”

Scottish Daily Mail, 27 October 2021, “BBC weather presenter: I’m being terrorised by yobs”

The Herald, 26 Oct 2021, “Scottish trade union leaders condemned after vote on women-only services”

The Times, 24 October 2021, “SNP delays ‘draconian’ hate crime legislation”

Express, 19 October 2021, “Scottish civil service deletes the word ‘MOTHER’ from maternity leave policy”

The Herald, 11 October 2021, “SNP ministers criticised for urging ‘anyone with a cervix’ to get a smear test”

The Times, 21 September 2021, “Scottish doctors approved breast removal for 51 trans teenagers”

The Telegraph, 20 September 2021, “Let 12-year-olds change gender without parental consent, Scottish government told”

Daily Mail, 20 September 2021, “Fears Nicola Sturgeon’s plan to let 16-year-olds legally change their genders will ‘open the floodgates’ to children having irreversible surgery”

The Telegraph, 19 September 2021, “Allowing 16-year-olds to change gender risks ‘opening floodgates’ to irreversible surgeries, SNP told”

The Times, 12 September 2021, “SNP out of step on trans law, says poll”

The Herald, 09 September 2021, “Nicola Sturgeon branded ‘disgrace’ after heckling MSP over gender reforms”

The Herald, 07 September 2021, “Nicola Sturgeon tries to calm fears over gender recognition reforms”

The Times, 25 August 2021, “Tiger Who Came to Tea ‘teaches boys violence and sexism for life’”

The Telegraph, 23 August 2021, “Nicola Sturgeon facing backlash over proposed gender legislation”

The Times, 23 August 2021, “Activist charged with transphobia kicked out of pub by bartender”

The Times, 22 August 2021, “Scottish government to legalise gender self-identification”

The Times, 15 August 2021, “Ditch the gender books for four-year-olds, say women’s group”

The Critic, 13 August 2021, “Total Dummies” by Susan Smith, FWS

The Times, 13 August 2021, “Rape Crisis chief Mridul Wadhwa steps back from ‘bigot’ comments”

Daily Mail, 12 August 2021, “Scotland will let pupils change gender aged FOUR without their parents’ consent under guidance for teachers that says ‘recognition and development of gender identity can occur at a young age’”

The Telegraph, 12 August 2021, “Scottish four-year-olds can change gender at school without parents’ consent”

The Times, 12 August 2021, “Mridul Wadhwa, rape crisis boss, under fire over challenge to ‘bigot’ victims”

The Times, 11 August 2021, “‘Bigoted people may be challenged’: Comments by trans head of Edinburgh Rape Crisis sparks controversy”

Daily Mail, 27 July 2021, “Scottish government wants its 8,000 civil servants to add pronouns to their email sign offs despite nearly 60 per cent saying they are against the move”

The Telegraph, 27 July 2021, “Civil servants to be asked to include pronouns in email sign-offs”

The Times, 21 July 2021, “Show of support for Marion Millar’s trans tweeting case”

The Herald, 20 July 2021, “JK Rowling praises SNP MP Joanna Cherry QC for ‘incredible bravery’ on women’s rights”

Advert in the Times, 19 July 2021:

The Sun, 15 July 2021, “Over half of Scottish Government workers snub push to use gender pronouns in emails”

Holyrood, 14 July 2021, “Majority of Scottish Government civil servants say they’ll never add pronouns to their email signatures”

Scottish Daily Mail, 12 July 2021 “1,000 children referred to sex change clinic”

The Times, 10 July 2021, “Feminists’ legal appeal against trans women being called women”

John O’Groat Journal, 01 July 2021, “Drawing a line in the sand at Reiss beach for women’s rights”

Fife Today, 21 June 2021, “Councillor defends police over action on ‘controversial’ ‘Women Won’t Wheesht’ stickers”

The Times, 13 June 2021, “Health service ‘acting like Stasi’ with Pride pledge”

The Times, 13 June 2021, “Free prosthetic breasts offered to trans students”

The Scottish Sun, 10 June 2021, “‘Anarchy’ diner cafe in Glasgow’s Govanhill sparks fury by banning cops and ‘terfs’”

The Scotsman, 03 June 2021, “Woman charged with malicious communication over ‘transphobic’ tweet”

The Times, 03 June 2021, “Activist Marion Millar charged with sending homophobic and transphobic tweets”

The Courier, 23 May 2021, “Fife police  people to report ‘hate crime’ stickers – then say they are not illegal”

The Times, 23 May 2021, “Warnings that organisations’ policy could breach laws on trans rights”

The Times, 09 May 2021, Letter: “Stonewall does not make the law”

The Spectator, 08 May 2021, “Will a more female Holyrood make a difference to women’s lives?”

The Scotsman, 22 April 2021, “Scottish Election 2021: Labour pledges to reinstate women-only hospital wards”

The Times, 22 April 2021, “Fear of the unknown is at heart of row over gender identity, suggests Alan Cumming”

Wings Over Scotland, 16 April 2021, “Women Won’t Wheesht”

The Times, 04 April 2021, “NHS advisor to review hormone use on young”

The Times, 28 March 2021, “Health board ‘misled young patients’ over puberty drug”

The Times, 24 March 2021, “Definition of woman will include trans people to increase equality”

The Scotsman, 23 March 2021, Judge rules Scottish Government acted legally on public boards equality act

The Scotsman, 19 March 2021, “Baroness Kennedy urged to have sex aggravator added to Hate Crime Bill ‘urgently'”

The Scotsman, 10 March 2021, “Eleventh-hour bid to stop controversial Hate Crime Bill”

Daily Record, 10 March 2021, “Hate crime law changes – a tool to persecute women or create respect for all?”

Advert in the Herald, 09 March 2021:

The Scotsman, 07 March 2021, “Women’s manifesto aims to put pressure on Scottish parties to ‘reaffirm sex-based rights'”

The Times, 28 February 2021, “Women’s rights group For Women Scotland pans mixed-sex lavatory policy”

National Review, 03 February 2021, “Scotland’s Government slashes away at liberty”

The Scotsman, 15 January 2021, “Edinburgh University article on transphobia sparks protest by women’s rights group”

The Scotsman, 07 January 2021, “Scottish Government can ‘ride roughshod’ over equalities law in row over definition of women in new Act”

The Times, 03 January 2021, “Scottish Youth Parliament backs gender move”

The Times, 28 December 2020, “NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde withdraws trans advice for female-only wards”

The Critic, 14 December 2020, “Women in Scotland risk having their right virtue-signalled away”

The Times, 13 December 2020, “Scots gender clinic sorry for delay in highlighting dangers of puberty blockers”

Daily Record, 06 December 2020, “Campaigners in plea for ban on Scots kids being given puberty blockers after landmark ruling”

The Scotsman, 25 November 2020, “Cross-dressers at Rocky Horror Picture Show protected by Hate Crime Bill”

Holyrood, 24 November 2020, “Top barrister to lead working group on misogynistic harassment”

The Times, 24 November 2020, “Hate crime bill: saying trans women aren’t women could break the law”

Spiked, 19 November 2020, “Beware trans ideas in sheep’s clothing”

The Herald, 07 November 2020, “Agenda: New bill must not conflate sex and gender” by Trina Budge, FWS

The National, 27 October 2020, “It is reckless to say that puberty-blocking drugs are safe and reversible”
(Letter in response to “The election of a trans woman for the SNP would be a huge victory”)

The Times, 22 October 2020, “Anger over trans woman on all-female SNP shortlist”

Scottish Legal News, 21 October 2020, “Permission granted for judicial review of act’s definition of ‘woman'”

The Spectator, 17 October 2020, “The SNP, trans rights and the war on women”

Scottish Daily Mail, 17 October 2020, “Gender Showdown”

The Scotsman, 16 October 2020, “Campaigners win judicial review over Scottish definition of ‘woman'”

The Scotsman, 16 October 2020, “Definition of a woman: Why feminist group For Women Scotland is asking Court of Session to intervene in row over gender recognition”

The National, 16 October 2020, “Scottish Government faces legal fight over ‘definition of woman'”

Sunday Mail, 06 September 2020, “Our women are living in fear of trans attacks”

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The Spectator, 28 August 2020, “The legal battle over how Scots define ‘woman'”

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The National, 08 March 2020, “Women and Democracy: Scottish Parliament theme for IWD”

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Adverts in The Scotsman and the Metro, 06 March 2020

The Spectator, 29 February 2020, “Are women’s libraries still a safe space for women?”

Unherd, 22 January 2020, “Scotland’s Gender Recognition Act is a hostage to fortune”

The Herald, 17 January 2020, Advertisement:

The Christian Institute, 16 January 2020, “Trans research ‘insulting to breast cancer survivors’, says MSP”

rt.com, 06 January 2020, “UK High Court to rule if clinic can carry out gender reassignment on children as concerns over methods mount”

The Times, 28 December 2019, “Sharp rise in child cases at gender clinic”

The Times, 18 December 2019, “‘No evidence’ that men are using trans identity for sexual violence”

The Guardian, 17 December 2019, “Trans reforms will not diminish cis women’s rights, says Holyrood”

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The Times, 06 December 2019, “SNP members ‘victims of LGBT campaign'”

The Herald, 30 September 2019, “Let us have a measured debate on the issue of transgender rights”
(Letter in response to “We must fight against the rolling back of trans rights”)

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The National, 26 September, 2019, “Data experts ‘left out’ of discussions on GRA census questions”

The Scotsman, 03 September 2019, “Campaigners prepare for three-day protest over ‘major threat’ to trans rights”

The Scotsman, 01 September 2019, “Mixed sex loos in Scottish schools break regulations, warn campaigners”

The Scotsman, 11 August 2019, “Row over ‘woman’ hits boardroom equality bid”

Evening Times, 05 August 2019, “Tramway slammed as controversial toilets changed for religious event”

The Herald, 31 July 2019. Our letter in response to this article.

The Herald, 29 July 2019, “If any man can identify as a woman, women’s rights won’t really mean anything”:

Evening Times, 15 July 2019, “Tramway’s unisex loos at centre of row as police called”

The Scotsman, 23 June 2019, “Patrick Harvie accused of smear over claim parliament was ‘platform for transphobic hatred'”

The Telegraph, 20 June 2019, “SNP delay plans to allow Scots to self-identify gender amid party rebellion”

The Herald, 09 June 2019, “Abuse goes both ways”
(Letter in response to “Trans Scots suffering abuse in wake of GRA debate”)

The Scotsman, 08 June 2019, “Women in Scotland join forces to defend ‘threatened’ rights”

The Times, 02 June 2019, “Trans ideology is damaging children”

The Scotsman, 19 May 2019, “Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy ‘won’t be silenced’ in Scotland”

The Scotsman, 09 May 2019. Letter in response to Vic Valentine’s opinion piece:

The Times, 04 May 2019, “‘Transphobic’ blogger Meghan Murphy invited to Holyrood”

Evening Telegraph, 21 March 2019, “Dundee Trans Pride headliner dropped after alleged threat to ‘throat punch’ women’s group”

The Times, 21 March 2019, “Transgender singer cancels gig after calling for feminists to be punched”

The Times, 14 March 2019, “Letting criminals self-identify gender ‘putting women at risk'”

The Times, 25 February 2019, “Feminist festival targeted for ‘banning trans women'”

National Review, 07 February 2019, “This Week at the U.N.: Feminist Concern about Transgenderism is ‘Misplaced'”

The Times, 07 February 2019, “‘Non-binary’ sex option will not appear on the next census

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