We are delighted to announced that Meghan Murphy and Bec Wonders will be speaking at our next public meeting in Glasgow.  Tickets are available from Eventbrite.

forwomen.scot is a group of ordinary women from all over Scotland who have come together to protect and strengthen women’s and children’s rights.

The Scottish Government plans to amend the Gender Recognition Act to allow any man to self-declare himself to be a woman.  This would not require any medical treatment or surgery, or even any change in appearance.

Only 18 per cent of voters agree with these proposals.

We are concerned about the consequences of these proposals to our sex based legal rights and protections.  Many organisations are acting as though it is already law, bringing in policies that encourage men to enter women’s and girls’ spaces.  Examples include hospital wards, refuges, toilets, changing rooms, school and girl guide overnight accommodation, hostels, university rooms, and prisons.  Medical treatment and research, crime statistics, programmes for women in politics and STEM subjects, and women’s sports are also adversely affected.

We believe:

  • sex is immutable and is a protected characteristic;
  • women are entitled to privacy, dignity, safety and fairness;
  • women’s rights should be strengthened.

As our name suggests, we campaign on a positive, pro-women basis and we call for evidence based discussion and legislation.

Tweets by @ForwomenScot

Sending solidarity to all the women at the @ForwomenScot event tonight. This is an extremely important meeting to discuss the impact of changes due to self-identification policies, & it's great to see grassroots groups ensure meetings & discussions like this happen. #FWSGlasgow

Standing ovation for Meghan Murphy. Sisterhood is powerful. Together we can end this madness. The energy & solidarity in this room is wonderful. 💪🏼 #FWSGlasgow

Women are increasingly having to resort to using examples of trauma to defend rights and boundaries e.g rape in defence of abortion or single sex spaces. It’s an insidious position to be put in; to be compelled to divulge harm in order to argue in favour of safety.

Well done @ForwomenScot for what sounds like another excellent meeting. So many meetings at the moment, so many women speaking out and listening ....and still a friend I met hadn’t heard about any of it. ‘Karen White’ report made him spit out his pint. He’s a scientist.

A commenter at our #FWSGlasgow event made the point that sports is where the unfairness is most apparent. This photo is most illustrative of the point. CeCe Telfer did not win that day, but had they been competing in the male sex category they wouldn't have made it on the field.

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