Please support our legal case to stop the Scottish Government redefining “woman”. All the details and our fundraiser can be found on CrowdJustice.

All the facts and figures you need to know about why we campaign to protect and strengthen women’s rights.

Why we formed, who we are, and what we do.

12th Feb 2021: our feedback to the Sex and Gender in Data Working Group.

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@serialsockthief @ForwomenScot @mbmpolicy Tiny groups of unpaid volunteer BRILLIANT women who have turned their lives upside down to fight for our rights and protections, despite horrible threats and government malpractice.

You know how there is ongoing debate about how when discussing the rights of a particular group they MUST be in the room or else? Well, it turns out that during the Battle of the Scottish Hate Crime Bill the Justice Secretary @HumzaYousaf claimed to have spoken #HateCrimeBill 1/1

@iancollinsuk Hello Ian, I emailed you via @talkRADIO on Sunday night regarding the Hate Crime Bill in Scotland, please see this thread and please have @ForwomenScot to talk with you about this on your show. Thank you.

Carefully considered amendments that came out of the process of engagement. Stakeholder engagement means engaging with multiple stakeholders with different views. Not What happened in this deviation from process.
#chillingEffect https://twitter.com/forwomenscot/status/1366864570011316224

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