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10th March 2021
Our virtual demo to send the message to politicians that Women Are Watching them debate and vote on the Hate Crime Bill.

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Presumably, this means @scottishgreens back all the recommendations in the 'feminist declaration'. We look forward to hearing them defend it and define the terms.

@patrickharvie Could you clarify the Greens position on this? When Andy Wightman left he said the Greens had embraced queer theory - which seems to be about breaking down all social conventions, including the age of consent.

Does your political party advocate queering the age of consent?

But do they endorse the declaration or not? It's not complicated... https://twitter.com/Palayo/status/1381010980721819648

@StonewallScot Really pleased to see you distance yourselves from the @ILGAWORLD document. We are still waiting for @UCU to do so. Given how the document is being interpreted, it is very important that organisations not in favour of lowering the age of consent say so.


@osmodias @ForwomenScot @Ffuzzyface @scotmacscotbot @StonewallScot I see a document published online which ostensibly calls for the elimination of laws limiting the legal capacity of adolescents to consent to sex.

It’s not for me to explain that.

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