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04 September 2021
Marion Calder’s speech and videos and photos from Thursday’s demonstration at Parliament.

Why we formed, who we are, and what we do.

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Quite rightly pointing out that even a small number of male crimes, recorded as females, will cause a dramatic shift in perceptions of female offending rates. Is this why we are seeing headlines like this?

*New book launched today!*
We are thrilled to launch Sex and Gender An Introductory Guide by Phoebe Rose @phoebe_draws today! It's the perfect book for the tween/teen age group and especially suitable for autistic children.
Buy here:

Checked out Cllr Claire Udy who helped organise the protest against FiLiA and lo... shocked... https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/politics/portsmouth-labour-candidate-deeply-regrets-twitter-comments-branded-anti-semitic-301332

The Nolan team deals with hard politics on a daily basis & so we are used to complaints
People are entitled to complain about the pod -many have

But the many hundreds of messages to the BBC thanking us for this pod is something we are not used to

@dt_ni & I are very grateful

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