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04 September 2021
Marion Calder’s speech and videos and photos from Thursday’s demonstration at Parliament.

Why we formed, who we are, and what we do.

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“Only prudish anti-sex Mary Whitehouse types would see any problem with asking every child of 14 to answer intrusive questions about their sexual experience” tells me a person would be better staying off research ethics committees.🤨

It's not ours, but good to publicise!

Lots of different groups are upset by assaults on women - as they should be - and are meeting up and speaking out!

Another great piece from @VictoriaPeckham who puts her finger on the disproportionate harms to young girls.

"If a conversion therapy ban is rushed through, its legacy won’t be a conference ovation, but the damaged bodies of more teenage girls."

Jamie asks good questions about the extent of the information being held on children and how it will be used. Most adults would have grave concerns if they were required to provided the state with so many details of their personal life.

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