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13 June 2021
NHS Scotland documents on the Pride Badge and Pledge.

Why we formed, who we are, and what we do.

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For all the #ScottishWitches

Cross men trying to attack our sisters are finding "it's very Scottish in there"

Well #WomenWontWheesht and, as individuals and as a nation, ‘Though she be but little she is fierce’.

No idea who this "man" is , but apparently he is breast beating about hurting women and thinks that is a radical or progressive stance.

Misogyny is as old as time but we did hope, in 2021, men wouldn't be advertising VAW as lifestyle choice! https://twitter.com/jonrog1/status/1421544676536975362

I'm a bit of a prick, but even I don't make threats of violence against women for daring to speak about their rights. https://twitter.com/jonrog1/status/1421544676536975362

Today's Telegraph story reminds me of this woman. This is not just about safety and risk assessments: this is about women's privacy and dignity, and their ability to access male-free spaces when they are at their most vulnerable.

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