What’s Happening in Your Child’s School?

Report 1: What’s Happening in Your Child’s Classroom?

Mirroring the Freedom of Information requests conducted by Policy Exchange on schools in England, this report by FWS reveals the extent to which gender ideology is embedded in secondary schools in Scotland.

95% of secondary schools operate policies of gender self-identification, and only 4% of parents can expect to be informed if their child discloses feelings of gender distress at school.

At least 60% of secondary schools are not upholding single-sex toilets and 86% require or encourage pupils to use preferred pronouns. This report also highlights how gender ideology beliefs came to be so embedded within the school system, by tracking the influence of the Scottish Government transgender guidance, which the majority of schools unquestioningly follow, even when it is out of date, in places unlawful, and non-compliant with the Cass Review. External agencies such as LGBT Youth Scotland have gained unprecedented access to schools in recent years where their extreme and unscientific beliefs dominate school policies and teacher training.

Schools must now take their cue from the well-evidenced Cass Review on how respond to pupils who say they want to socially transition and take immediate steps to reinstate unbiased and factual teaching.

Report 2: What’s Happening to Your Child’s School Toilets?

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