Public Opinion Polls

Where does the public really stand on women’s rights and proposals to reform the Gender Recognition Act? We list the most recent surveys:

Times poll, reported on 26 Nov 2022

Times poll, reported on 16 Oct 2022
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British Social Attitudes Survey 39, reported in The Times, 22 Sep 2022
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YouGov, May 2022
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BBC Scotland Gender Recognition Act Poll, conducted by Savanta ComRes, reported by the BBC 17 Feb 2022
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Main findings: 57% would support making the process to acquire a gender recognition certificate easier but that support dropped when asked about specific proposals.

Times poll, reported on 13 Feb 2021

For Women Scotland, conducted by Panelbase, reported in the Times, 18 Dec 2021

MurrayBlackburnMackenzie, conducted by Survation, Nov 2021
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A high percentage of respondents agreeing that people should be free to express their transgender identity does not however translate into support for reforming the Gender Recognition Act based on self-declaration. The majority of people believe that a doctor’s approval should be needed for a person to change their sex in law. This includes a majority of those who agree the people should be freely able to express their transgender identity.

YouGov, Panelbase, reported in the Times, 27 Nov 2021

Scot Goes Pop, Panelbase, reported in the Times, 31 Oct 2021
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Panelbase, Nov 2019