Edinburgh Live

An article, published today, by Edinburgh Live mentioned our group, and contained this photograph:

Given that the photograph of the sticker was taken from a tweet posted online on 17 August we are really not sure how they failed to contact us for comment before publishing the article.  Here is our response:

Dear Edinburgh Live,

You have published a defamatory story concerning our organisation without allowing us a right to reply in a timeous fashion.  We note that you were able to source a quote from the University so it is of concern that you were not able to contact us in a reasonable fashion.

IPSO guidelines state the Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information.

Forwomen.scot is a diverse group of women, covering the whole of Scotland and all political affiliations, backgrounds and ages.  We campaign for retaining and strengthening women’s rights, inclusive of the right to effectively use the single-sex provisions in the Equality Act.  Proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act will have the effect of turning every single-sex space into mixed sex, and we have legitimate concerns regarding this.

We are neither anti-trans nor a “TERF” group nor hateful.  These are inaccurate and offensive terms and we request that you remove them immediately.

We have no links to Germany.  [This was asked in a subsequent email to us!]

We first became aware of these stickers during the Festival in August and are delighted that women in Edinburgh are displaying pro-women sentiments.  A factual statement of biology is neither anti-trans nor hateful.

Kind regards,