FWS Statement on the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill

This sexist Bill takes a wrecking ball to safeguards by giving any man a passport to self-declare they are a woman without checks or any need for medication, surgery or diagnosis. We have already seen the devastating impact of this sort of self-ID on women’s rights in other jurisdictions.

Everyone knows that a man cannot become a woman by force of will or magical thinking: it’s insulting and worrying that the Scottish Government do not. They are, apparently, willing to sacrifice women’s safety, set our rights back by decades, and reinforce the notion that being a woman is nothing more than a feeling or a costume.

It is clear that no consideration has been given to the well-evidenced concerns raised by critics, probably because the Scottish Government finds them impossible to address. The belated meetings with women’s organisations and those representing parents, detranistioners, medics, and others were window dressing only. A prudent Government would have paid heed to the EHRC’s advice and sought to understand the conflicts.

Note: The Bill, as introduced, is available HERE.