Demonstration: No Males in Female Jails

Please join us and Keep Prisons Single Sex to protest the recent policy decisions that have illustrated the horrific situation in Scottish prisons for women. We have one message: #NoMalesInFemaleJails, any compromises or half-baked policies will not provide safety for women.

Thursday 9th February at 11:30am. Please spread the word and we’ll see you there!

Much of the news this week regarding the prison situation has been focused on the case of Adam ‘Isla Bryson’ Graham who, after being convicted of two rapes – that uniquely male crime – was sent to Cornton Vale women’s prison. I think it’s fair to say there was a public outcry leading to urgent questions being asked in Parliament where the Justice Secretary refused to intervene, swiftly followed by a U-turn the next day when Sturgeon confirmed Graham was being moved out of Cornton Vale. He is now in the male estate.

Very shortly after there was yet another uproar when it was revealed that Andrew ‘Tiffany Scott’ Burns, who has been described as the most dangerous prisoner in Scotland, had been approved for a transfer to the women’s estate.

The UN Special Rapporteur for Torture felt the need to tweet: “Female prisoners have a right to be protected from violent sex offenders no matter how they identify. Where is the common sense? Clearer guidelines are needed.”

Several policy changes later, and an interview where Sturgeon insulted the electorate, the Scottish Government is now saying all transgender prison moves are on pause pending an urgent review of policy, and no transgender person already in custody with any history of violence (including sexual offences) against women will be moved from the male to the female estate.

We agree with Kate Coleman from Keep Prisons Single Sex, who was in impressive form on GB News, that it is too little too late and it’s wholly inadequate. We will keep pressing for ALL males to be removed from women’s prisons. 

The absurdity of Nicola Sturgeon’s comments where she cannot decide whether a transwoman is a woman or not gives us zero confidence this can be easily resolved.

Peter Adam Smith, ITV News, See his tweet.