Roundup: Say No to Self-ID Demonstration

Thank you to the many hundreds of people who travelled from far and wide to attend our demonstration at the Scottish Parliament on the 21st Dec, and to the MSPs who managed to squeeze in speeches in between the changing debate times for the Bill.

This page is to bring together the main links for videos and speeches from the demonstration, but please also look on Twitter under #NoToSelfID and #WomenWontWheesht for many more photos and comments.

Speakers included Rachael Hamilton and Pam Gosal, the two Conservative MSPs sitting on the Committee looking at the GRR Bill, SNP MSP Ash Regan who resigned her ministerial role to vote with her conscience against the Bill, former Labour leader Johann Lamont, Alba MP Neale Hanvey, Kate Coleman from Keep Prisons Single Sex, Labour Councillor Alison Dowling, women’s health specialist Elaine Miller and SNP MP Joanna Cherry.

Unfortunately, the gremlins got to our full video of the speeches, so we only have a few:

Other videos:

The song we were all singing is this, and didn’t it sound great?!
Download the lyrics as a PDF.

Covered on the BBC News:

Other media coverage:

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The Telegraph: Being a woman is not a ÔÇścostume or a feelingÔÇÖ, Nicola Sturgeon warned

Scottish Daily Express: SNP’s controversial gender reform bill expected to pass in Holyrood

Holyrood: Gender recognition reform: ‘Some predatory men will take advantage of this’ says Joanna Cherry

The National: Activists ‘hopeful’ as Scottish Parliament gender debate hits day two

Express: Scottish transgender law will let children as young as 15 begin reassignment process

Daily Mail: Defiant Scots tell Westminster they will fight it over bid to block their new gender rules: SNP says it will push through Sturgeon’s law that would help rapists and allow 16-year-olds to legally transition without parental consent

Photographs from the vigil for women’s rights on the evening of 20th Dec:

And a selection of photographs of the demonstration (credit to CDF Images):

Some more (with credit to Katielee Arrowsmith):

And a few more excellent photos here: