Police accused of parodying JK Rowling

Today’s article in The Telegraph: Police accused of parodying JK Rowling with ‘Jo’, who thinks trans people should go to gas chambers is based on a Freedom of Information response from Police Scotland which includes a scenario presented as part of an event organised by the Scottish LGBTI Police Association and the Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) campaign group. Attendees were presented with a scenario in which Jo is described as a passionate gender-critical campaigner who says things like “there are only two genders” before rather quickly and dramatically escalating to “they all belong in the gas chambers”.

Marion Calder, a director at For Women Scotland, is quoted in the article: “the materials were clearly trying to create a link with JK Rowling and it was deeply concerning to see ‘Jo’ quickly leap from reasonable statements to the Holocaust.”

The scenario in the presentation:

The full documents relating to this event:

Other documents released in the FOI response: