Consultation with Stakeholders – update

Following on from our earlier blog article, the Parliamentary Questions raised by Jeremy Balfour have now been answered by Shirley-Anne Somerville as follows:

We will follow up on this, but are extremely disappointed that Shirley-Anne Somerville has chosen only to meet with the Government funded organisations who support the proposed reform of the GRA, and not any independent groups who voice concerns about the reforms.

Ms Somerville’s Parliament statement emphasised that she wished “to proceed in a way that builds maximum consensus and allows valid concerns to be properly addressed.” However, the evidence to date very much suggests otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Consultation with Stakeholders – update

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  2. This is a slap in the face to women from Shirley-Anne Somerville. She has clearly met with more LGBT groups than womens groups and more often. She is also selecting which womens groups she will listen to and which she will ignore.
    The answers about the work being done in house also need to be more detailed. What are the names of the people in house and how often did they meet with LGBT groups? Are any of them members of LGBT groups. Has anyone declared a conflict of interest?
    Have the womens groups consulted published their views on GRA reform?
    Can we get minutes of the meetings with all these groups and all correspondence through FOI?

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