Census Day

Thank you to everyone who has already taken part in our census action to write “Believer in Biology” on the Scottish Census. Today is census day and it is not too late to join in!

This is our protest against the census guidance that the answer you give to the “What is your sex?” question can be different from the sex given on your birth certificate, and that a Gender Recognition Certificate is not needed. This means the data collected will be a mix of sex and “gender identity”, and we will lose important information about the sex of our population – information that is vital in planning for services.

If you’d like to take part, you have two options:

  1. Complete your census online and type in “BelieverInBiology” as another religion in question 21, or
  2. Order a paper copy of the census for every member of your household by phoning 0800 030 8308 (or order online using the details given in your census letter). You have until 1st May to complete it. Fill in question 21 with “BelieverInBiology” and write messages, add stickers or ribbons, or fold your paper however you like.

To illustrate just how pointless and lacking in value the data collected in this year’s census is, have a read of the Times article which reports that “Scottish parents completing census forms are being advised they can assign the sex of their children, including toddlers, according to “what describes them better”.”

Some marvellous women have been out to the National Records of Scotland office today to protest and demonstrate exactly what they think of the census sex question: “£140 million down the drain – unusable data”.