Demonstration – 7th March

Please join us for a demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament at: 
2pm on Saturday 7th March
(to coincide with the Scottish Women’s Convention and the day before International Women’s Day).

All women and men welcome. Placards provided. Fancy-dress encouraged (suffragettes, witches, whatever!).

Let’s get the Scottish Government to answer some of our questions!


1. What difference does having a Gender Recognition Certificate make?
2. Who is allowed to get a Gender Recognition Certificate?
3. Why would anyone not suffering from severe gender dysphoria need to change their legal sex?
4. Will male people be able to compete in women’s sports?
5. Is the Scottish Government concerned about the 4000% increase in girls seeking to legally and medically change their gender?
6. What is the Scottish Government doing to support people who transition, often very young, then change their minds?
7. Are Scottish schools still allowed to teach reproductive biology using plain, everyday language?
8. How can a man “live as a woman”, and how can a woman “live as a man”?
9. When so many countries are having second thoughts about this policy, why is the Scottish Government pushing it?
10. If being trans is an identity, not a medical condition, why is it treated on the NHS?


Adverts in The Scotsman and the Metro, 06 March 2020:

Speeches and photographs from the demo are on a new blog page.

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