Be More Mary

International Women’s Day is on Friday 8th March 2024 and the official IWD website is urging us to “inspire inclusion”, as, apparently, “IWD belongs to everyone, everywhere”.

To echo the words of JK Rowling: “I’m so sick of this sh*t”. Enough is enough. We get one day a year and it is exclusively for WOMEN. So, instead of doing what we’re told, we are launching #BeMoreMary. This is about Mary Gordon, an infamous yarn bomber/chalker/uppity woman. She died on International Women’s Day last year and we want to Be More Mary in 2024 in her honour.

Mary was on Twitter as @fatblackcatspaw and famously had the police at her door after chalking “Women’s rights are not a hate crime” on the wall at St Andrew’s House. So please think what you can do to honour her for International Women’s Day 2024. You don’t have to be in Scotland to join in, and it can be crafts, stickers, chalking, be creative, write letters to MSP/MPs, go and see them, tie a Suffragette ribbon on their office door.

Send your photos to us at or post them on Twitter using the #BeMoreMary and #IWD2024 hashtags on Friday 8th March.

Some #BeMoreMary photos to inspire you: