Public Meetings

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05 June 2019, University of Edinburgh, Moray House School of Education.
Women’s Sex-Based Rights: What does (and should) the future hold?

A brilliant panel of feminist scholars and activists addressed a packed meeting at the University of Edinburgh. The audience, which included activists, policy-makers, students, academics, MSPs, were privileged to hear from:

  • Julie Bindel
  • Professor Rosa Freedman
  • Claire Heuchan
  • Lucy Hunter Blackburn
  • Dr Louise Moody
  • Professor Sarah Pedersen

You can watch the video of the event here:

You can also read some of the texts of the speeches here:

We will continue to add any more that we receive.

24 May 2019, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.
Lessons from Canada

Our live tweets from our @ForwomenScot Twitter account give a comprehensive account of the meeting – they’ve been compiled here.

The videos of the speakers are now on our YouTube channel.

Trina Budge, Susan Smith, Bec Wonders, Meghan Murphy and Marion Calder.
Photo credit: Jamie Hunter



31 January 2019, Apex Hotel, Edinburgh.
First Public Meeting

The written notes from our guest speakers are now available:

The videos of the speeches can be found on our new YouTube channel.

Speakers: Rosa Freedman, Maggie Mellon, Susan Smith and Chair: Marion Calder.
Photo credit: Brynd is Blackadder
Susan Smith and Marion Calder. Photo credit: Brynd is Blackadder