Women’s Pledge for MSP Candidates

**Archive of Women’s Pledge as published on 26 April 2021**

We want to see MSPs in the next Scottish Parliament commit to women’s rights. Please email your candidates and ask them to email us sign this pledge. Enter your postcode here to find the candidates in your area.

MSP candidates can contact us at womenspledge@forwomen.scot to confirm their agreement with the pledge.

Election 2021 Guide

**Archive of Election Guide as published on 26 April 2021**

Voters will go to the polls on 6th May to elect Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs).

A total of 129 MSPs are elected and they debate and pass laws on devolved issues, which include health, education, transport, as well as some of the laws regarding tax and welfare – and the Gender Recognition Act. The UK Parliament at Westminster retains control over reserved issues such as defence, foreign policy, immigration, and equality legislation.

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Election Hustings

We have gathered together the following clips from TV and radio of Holyrood candidates being asked questions on women’s rights and self-identification issues. Please also see MBM’s Fact Check on the comments made by the candidates.

02 May 2021, Radio Clyde
Anas Sarwar, Scottish Labour

Anas Sarwar

30 April 2021, Radio 4 ‘Any Questions’
with Jackie Baillie (Scottish Labour), Lorna Slater (Scottish Greens), Ivan McKee (Scottish National Party), Christine Jardine (Scottish Liberal Democrats) and Murdo Fraser (Scottish Conservatives).

Baillie, Slater, McKee, Jardine, Fraser
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