News roundup – week ending 26 Jan 2019


Women’s March London have decided to call women ‘menstruators’ and have a handy chart telling us to replace ‘women’s health’ with ‘reproductive health, and ‘mothers and daughters’ with ‘parents and children’. This is inclusive, apparently – yet they fail to notice the glaringly obvious in that women have just been excluded from (almost) all the language they use. I have no idea why they are not the People’s March!

Campaigners against female genital mutilation (FGM) have welcomed a warning by the Scottish government that “breast ironing”, a form of abuse that involves flattening young girls’ chests, is taking place in parts of the country, as reported in today’s Times:

I wonder if the Government can see the link between this and breast binding? Do they not realise they fund lobbying groups such as LGBT Youth who support this practice in Scottish schools?


Apparently, LGBT Labour are appalled that Ann Henderson, Rector of University of Edinburgh, liked a tweet about a women’s rights meeting in Westminster. That’s transphobic, don’t you know?!


The definition of Woman is ‘likely to offend’, according to this Times article:
Mumsnet are not impressed.

Meanwhile, Harry the Owl wrong-thinked on the internet and was subjected to a thirty minute lecture from Humberside Police. I will link to the Mumsnet thread about it just in case The Powers That Be make the Twitter thread disappear:


The story about the Rector of the University of Edinburgh was covered in the Times. “The fact that such a prominent and respected campaigner can be targeted in this fashion highlights the increasingly irrational misogyny directed towards feminist women.”

Also covered by James Kirkup in the Spectator: