News roundup – week ending 22 Dec 2018


Mermaids are not clinicians or experts in child development but political campaigners promoting an ideological and experimental approach to children.  They claim the NHS gender clinic, the Tavistock Centre, has a “48% suicide attempt risk” – the clinic says the true rate is less than 1%.  And yet they are to be rewarded with a £500K grant from the Big Lottery Fund.


Stephanie Davies-Arai, from the campaign group Transgender Trend, said: “This is deliberately misleading children about biological facts. The wider agenda here is the indoctrination of children into the belief that personal identity overrides biology, and we must ask why certain adults wish to confuse children by pretending that there is no distinction between the sexes.”

And a quick update on yesterday’s story about Mermaids:  The Big Lottery Fund have issued the following statement: “We have received a range of correspondence in relation to a proposed grant to Mermaids, expressing both concern and support regarding this organisation. We’re grateful to those who have taken the time to write to us, and in light of the nature and volume of the communication we have received, we have decided to undertake a review of this grant.”
Very glad to hear it and I am impressed at the speedy response!

Couple of good Twitter threads on the concerns regarding Mermaids:


Article in the Scottish Times today about women excluding themselves from health checks as NHS Lothian confirms they cannot prevent transwomen from providing women-only services. “To be told that I can’t be guaranteed female-only care and I won’t be told when that might not be achievable — those are both real violations of my trust in the health service,” she said. “If someone is telling me they’re female, when I can see that they’re male, I’m already thinking the worst. They’re already lying to me. I would leave.”:

This is the heart of the matter. Single-sex exemptions cannot legally be invoked because it is not legal to ask if people hold a GRC.  The Scottish Government has to address this before any extension of the GRA occurs.  The confusion is exemplified in a current job advert by Rape Crisis Scotland that invokes the Equality Act exception for female occupation, but then invites applications from transwomen:

Scottish Trans Alliance, the lobbying group who have advised NHS Scotland, chipped in to the Twitter debate to say that women must relate personal stories of rape, trauma and abuse in order to be allowed a same-sex intimate examination.  The sheer disgust and horror voiced in the replies is worth reading:


It seems to be a week for Times articles – another one about NHS Lothian, this time regarding the transgender training for staff. “They were telling us to actually refer to each other using the term ‘they’. If we started using ‘they’ in our personal lives it would become natural when we go into the workplace to refer to everyone using the ‘they’ pronoun, not ‘he’ or ‘she’.”:

And a good article in the Sun about detransitioners. “As a teen I had my breasts removed because I wanted to be a boy – but it was a mistake so I’m transitioning back.”:


The final meeting of the Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee to discuss the Census (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill with Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary:

Transcript of the meeting is here. All evidence submitted to the committee is here.


And we end the week with two good articles from the Times:

Navratilova tweeted a supportive comment of women’s sports which led to a ‘conversation’ with transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon – who pulled the ‘do you know who I am?’ card. On Martina!

The nonsense ‘science’ taught by Mermaids – what’s your jelly baby colour?