4 thoughts on “Women Won’t Wheesht

  1. In the end, the only real way to make a political party change its mind is to withdraw support and votes. That is what requires to be done now. Leave the SNP to trans people and their supporters. Let all those women who pant with glee at the thought of trans women entering all female sex-based spaces discover that they really have pulled the Trojan horse into the party and into THEIR rights/spaces/quotas/. The ‘wheesht for indy’ delusional ones will get their just deserts. The ISP is waiting.

  2. Is the following language offensive, abusive or gender neutral?
    Cis woman
    Birthing people
    Chest feeders
    Cervix havers
    Is this free speech and embodied in some health literature or the arazure of the word woman and woman’s rights?

  3. Women’s Revenge = Election Day.

    Your vote is your most precious power.

    Politicians need your vote.

    Email them all & tell them why you won’t vote for them if they do not support Women’s Sexed Based Rights, Safe Spaces, Safe Sports.

    Whether or not they support Women’s Rights, email them. Use links in your letters to websites & easy newspaper & blog articles with images. Also to twitter accounts. Keep them updated. Tell politicians who you will now vote for & why. Ask politicians to make clear statements of their policies on Women. Build relationships with politicians who support Women’s Rights. Support them & thank them when they stand up for Women. Join campaigns by Women’s Rights organizations. These have powerful impacts on policies, legislation & landmark court cases. Don’t waste time engaging in online battles with non-believers – they are sent to distract you & exhaust you. Emailing politicians is the real place this War On Women will be won. Don’t be afraid of emailing politicians. It’s 1000 times more effective than you think. It’s 100 times easier than you think. It’s 10 times more fun than you think. Set aside time every day to do it. If you need help, reach out and ask people.

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