News roundup – week ending 19 Jan 2019


The Times reports on the independent investigation into the Green party which found that Aimee Challenor, a transgender activist and candidate for the Greens’ deputy leadership, committed a “serious error of judgment” by appointing her father, David, as her agent at two elections even as he faced trial for kidnapping, raping and torturing a 10-year-old girl.

Excellent thread on Twitter by Dr EM:


Horrific story in the Daily Mail about a “cross-dressing pervert, 48, travelled 400 miles on bus from Kent to meet 14-year-old schoolgirl he groomed on WhatsApp… only to meet paedophile hunters when he arrived in Glasgow”

Let’s not forget that Stonewall includes cross-dressers in its definition of transgender, or indeed Scottish Trans Alliance and LGBT Youth Scotland who visit primary schools to educate children on the same.
(See their submission to the Women and Equalities Committee)
Important to recognise that cross dressing is the most common paraphilia among sex offenders, regardless of identification:


A sliver of light in the BBC’s reporting. This story referred to the axe-wielding criminal as a woman throughput but was later changed to include the statement, “A transgender woman who randomly attacked two people with an axe in an Australian convenience store has been jailed.” Seems like all our complaints may finally be making a (slight) difference.

The first of two articles by Shona Craven about her trip to Vancouver to hear Meghan Murphy talk on Gender Identity Ideology and Women’s Rights:
This sparked Tim Hopkins of the Equality Network to write a letter, and us to reply. 🙂 See our Media section for the letters.

A press release by the Scottish Government ‘Expanding access to free sanitary products‘ manages to achieve the feat of not once mentioning the words ‘women’ or ‘girls’.
Unfortunately, this is not the first time: the last press release on this subject did exactly the same.


..and this is where it leads – a Menstrual Health Hub actually crossing out the word Women next to a picture of a uterus.

This tweet has since been deleted but the ‘apology’ thread still stands; they really don’t seem to understand how offensive this is:

The second of Shona Craven’s articles is here:
Scotland seems to be following Canada down the path of self identification of sex, and there are some very salient lessons to learn.