News roundup – week ending 12 Jan 2019


Fabulous photograph of Rebekah Wershbale from the Daily Mail article:

Can be summarised as:
TRA violence = bomb threats, smoke bombs, doxing, death threats, threats to livelihood.
Feminist violence = having an opinion while playing a board game in a pub.

Article in the Times about the huge increase of Twitter posts about paedophilia:


Does the cotton ceiling exist? I thought it could only be a few fringe provocateurs. This thread shows that’s not the case. Here’s some receipts of activists saying that lesbian’s “genital preferences” are transphobic, and dislike of penises should be “got over”… continues on this thread from Twitter:


Joan McAlpine in Parliament asking, “the Scottish Government what work it is doing to ensure that all public bodies are fulfilling their public sector equality duty with regard specifically to the protected characteristic of “sex” as represented in the Equality Act 2010.”
Video (from approx 11:54:40) and transcript.

Article about women’s sports in the Times:

The few cases of people who have a rare genetic condition where they have total androgen insensitivity, ie. cannot make use of any testosterone in the body, shows conclusively that testosterone alone is not enough to create a male advantage in sport. People with CaIS are still bigger and have better athletic ability than females.

So testosterone alone cannot be used as a measurement of Male or Female. And cases like Caster Semenya’s cannot be used to set the rules for transgender athletes – intersex is not transgender.

Testosterone levels are a proxy for sex – biological sex must be the absolute and only qualifier for competition in women’s sports.


This article about the conflation of sex and gender by local councils contains an absolute howler of a quote from a spokesperson from Falkirk Council, “It is usually not possible to determine sex until after puberty and sexual maturity.”