News roundup – week ending 05 Jan 2019

Still in holiday mode so not much to report this week.


Interesting article in the Independent whereby, in newspeak, Maria Miller, Chair of the Women and Equalities Committe, does ‘a reverse ferret’. Apparently, review of the GRA is not the most pressing issue for transpeople, but rather it is access to public services such as healthcare.

“Many trans people simply don’t have access to the basic healthcare that the rest of us take for granted – things like cervical smears are often things that trans men are not able to access,” Ms Miller told the Press Association. Well of course. Sex matters, perhaps no more than in the course of providing appropriate health care. If we are to continue down this path of recording a person’s preferred gender instead of their sex it is inevitably going to lead to ‘men’ not being offered a smear test on their female body.

She is also quoted as saying, “My advice to ministers is that they should be clear that there is no threat to single-sex services, they are clearly protected in law and they need to be clearer on that”. Perhaps Ms Miller needs to give this some further thought, because if it becomes as easy as ticking a box to ‘become female’, of course single sex spaces are under threat.

Janice Turner from the Times, thoughts on Twitter:

Also worth reading Kathleen Stock’s views, particularly the link to her analysis on the original Trans Inquiry report:


Came across a thoughtful Reddit post by a detransitioner today, “Transition isn’t real. It’s a farce, a lie. It’s dangerous and harmful. It’s unnecessary.”

And another heartbreaking story that was in the papers a few days ago:

I wonder what kind of life these people would have had if they’d not had reassignment surgery and instead had help coming to term with who they are. There really should be much more nuanced treatment and support available.